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Life Between Sleep

Life Between Sleep
Life Between Sleep
Caroline Rivera Photography

Long Island's music scene has always been strong giving birth to many great artists that we know today like Billy Joel, Joan Jett, Twisted Sister, Nine Days and even ones we are just starting to become aware of like The Urgency, Push Play, The Sleeping just to name a few from both sides.

One local band soon to join them will be Life Between Sleep. The band is currently made up of three talented musicians with the hopes to round out their sound with a fourth member soon. After talking to one of the band members Chris and listening to their music, while it might be older material, this band and their sound has the potential to rise to the next level.

Life Between Sleep is currently working on new material which they are hoping to release in the near future as well as getting back on the road and performing live for their fans. This band puts on a good high energy packed show; you can find most of the shows on their YouTube Channel and has performed locally at The Crazy Donkey, Vibe Lounge, Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos and many more.

We will be following up with Life Between Sleep in the coming months to bring you their new tour dates and of course new music!!! This band is on my "Bands To Watch For In 2010" List, which will be posted here on the examiner in the coming weeks.

You can find Life Between Sleep on MySpace, Purevolume and iTunes.