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Life Balance - Tipping the Scales

Holding it all together
Holding it all together

Work/Life Balance - how do you tip the scales in your favor? Well perhaps its time to get rid of this scale, along with the one in the bathroom!

On a serious note, work/life balance is not something to acheive, it is a way to live. In fact, the term balance is probably not the best way to describe the lifestyle that nurtures both work and life. Harmony seems to be a better term. To be harmonious in music requires divesity of tones, volumes, pitches and sounds. Similarily, to be harmonious in life requires that you allow diversity in activities, time and priority. Many times balance makes women think about quantity of time, while harmony denotes quality. Simply replacing the term balance with harmony can live one feeling less guilty, and more empowered to reach the ultimate goal, which is a life that nurtures and is nurturing. Here are some tips to consider in your quest for harmony (balance):

  • Remember that harmony is achieved over time so dont measure it daily, look at it your life overall.
  • Every moment counts so remember its not about quantity but quality...Just five minutes of quality time can make your entire day.
  • Harmony is self-defined and based on your priorities, not the ones others impose on you.
  • Harmony is dynamic, it changes as your life, priorties and circumstances change.
  • It is not a destination, but a lifestyle so stop trying to achieve it just focus on living it.

Live Harmoniously!!!!


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