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Life As It Stands

It's been a minute since my last entry and with that being said, all I can say is "life gets in the way." This is something that is never more evident than when you are a parent. In the several months that have passed, ear infections, a circumcision, potty training and the beginning of private school have all made their way into the forefront of my life. After my son's arrival, we made the decision to allow our license expire which effectively means that we are no longer an adoptive family so I can't even say that I am the best one to write about the process as it stands but I can be the one to tell you about what it's like being the parent of a child that has taken residence in your heart even if they never took up residence in your body. In short, it will probably take you less time to read this than it took for me to write this, but rest assured there will be frequent and regular entries now that my son "go poo-poo on the potty."


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