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Life as a gig-saw puzzle

Curt Smith - The Starry Night jigsaw puzzle via flickr
Curt Smith - The Starry Night jigsaw puzzle via flickr
Curt Smith - The Starry Night jigsaw puzzle via flickr

Sunday, February 9, 2014: An easy, cooperative, energetic and fun mood prevails, which makes today a great day to get out and about and find enjoyment in the smaller, less intense and seemingly irrelevant, bits and pieces of your life. Be on the move... both physically and mentally. Chat up others, listen as much as you talk and let the conversations spark your imagination.

Use the calmer evening hours (Moon is Void-of-course in Gemini - 4:09 pm EST - 1:33 am EST 2/10) to mull over recent developments as you contemplate your life as a gig-saw puzzle and how putting the little bits and pieces together requires you to think both logically and creatively.

A jigsaw puzzle, like life, requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped and interlocking pieces. Each piece has a small, but important, part of the complete picture on it... You can look at a gig-saw puzzle as a metaphor of life... A big challenge that requires you to step by step fit small pieces together. You have to do it all, there are no shortcuts. But there’s also no need to get desperate. Approach your life like you would approach a gig-saw puzzle. First imagine the bigger picture, then take it step by step. With patience, care and time, the bigger picture will begin to take form.

Today's Quote

Each day of your life is like another individual piece in the puzzle. Take care of the individual pieces and the big picture will take care of itself! ~ Sparky Laurie, Nuggets of Life

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