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Life and What I've Learned

It has been quite some time since I last looked at this website. In fact, looking at previous dates of articles I posted I found it has been almost one entire year since I gave this place any action. It seems impossible that so much time could have passed in such a short amount of time, but I suppose that's how it always goes. Time has a way of creeping up on you, washing over you, and then leaving you in the dust wondering where it went.

So let me fill you in on what I've been doing, where I've been going, and why I didn't write anything on this site. For starters, this is the Grand Rapids Examiner. While I never lived in Grand Rapids there was certainly a time while I lived in West Michigan and even when I no longer did, I still lived within a decent distance of Grand Rapids and the locations nearby. Therefore I felt that I could still be a day-trips examiner for the Grand Rapids area. Eventually, you'll notice, that I didn't really care what my title was, I just felt like writing... so I did.

I now live in Dearborn, literally across the street from Detroit, and a world away from West Michigan. Am I still able to be the day-trips examiner for Grand Rapids? Difficult to say. Will I keep doing it anyway, yes. The time it took me to get from there to here and the time since I've been here has been fast. In fact I have had the time to look back at the year (almost two) since I left the things that were familar to me in Kalamazoo and Western Michigan University. It is amazing to look back at where I was and what I was feeling and see where things are now.

After I graduated I had a solid year of waiting and wondering for when I would be employed. Doubt, fear, fear of failure, and an overall disappointment set in that after all my work and personal growth, I was forced to live at home with my parents again. I had nothing to show for what I'd done except for a resume and a long list of places that I wanted to apply. I spent a lot of time drifting from one thing to another wishing that one thing would make sense.

I looked at colleges for higher education jobs working with students, I looked at camps to find counselor work or adventure education opportunities, and I started looking at companies where I thought it might be fun to work. I even applied to be a tour guide at the World of Coca-Cola and an assistant at a yoga company because they were based in Vancouver, a cool city so I've been told. When interviews were scarce I really had little to turn to for hope.

Thankfully, when it looked as though I would be unemployed forever, the clouds broke and several opportunities came raining down at once. The ball was suddenly in my court and I found a job working for the University of Michigan here in Dearborn. I was offered the position one year to the day after my graduation.

The past (nearly) nine months that I have worked there have been great. Sure there are things that I don't always enjoy and sure there are places I'd rather be, but overall its exactly what I wanted at this stage in the game. I have the opportunity to explore a career I thought (think) I might be interested in. I have great people to work with and I can honestly say that I am living successfully on my own.

So, looking back on the year that was, I have small moments where I remember the feelings of failure and defeat that were creeping into my mind. Which brings me back to the reasons why I didn't write any articles here. I used the excuse that I was no longer in Grand Rapids and that I wasn't traveling, but truthfully, I didn't want to write. I didn't want to display a representation of myself that I was okay when I was truly defeated.

Now, as I said, I live in Dearborn just outside of Detroit. A world of difference from where I grew up and where I studied and a place I never intended to be. There has never been anything that has attracted me to Detroit or the surrounding area. When I think about cool places to live or be, this is not it. When my friends vacated Michigan for 'cool' cities in the country, I sheepishly told others that I live in Dearborn. It certainly isn't glamourous and it certainly isn't one to cross off my bucketlist of places to live, but it is where I call home.

So for the past (nearly) nine months, I have worked on settling into my life. Settling into my job and my new neighborhood and my responsibilities. Don't get this confused with settling down or settling for something I didn't want. This type of settling is more about getting accustomed to something new. This type of settling is more about that transitional time when you are excited to be a contributing member to society, but you just aren't quite sure how to contribute yet.

I've learned a lot about who I am and what I want. That's why I'm writing here again. I like to write. I like to get some things out there on paper. I like to travel. I like to do all of that in one place and have people read about it. And I already have this website to allow me to do that. I know that my stay here in Detroit isn't permanent, but I may be here for a while. I want my city to be cool, so I'm planning on making it cool.

From here on out, I still plan on writing about places I go and things I experience. It can certainly still be a day trip from the west side or it can simply be a place to read about cool things in Detroit. I can't guarantee that I'll get a post every day and I can't guarantee that I'll even get one every week. But as I check places out, I plan on putting here for others to read. I want people to see the potential that I see in Detroit. I want people to see that there are in fact some cool things going on around here. If there was a little bit of TLC for the city it may well be the first truly 21st century American city. Detroit is an open canvas and people are eager to color it, but once again, people just aren't quite sure how to contribute.

I hope you enjoy the new format I'm going for. It should be interesting to say the least. If you find some cool things from the articles then I can stay motivated to find cool things. I hope to try new places and see new things. I hope to discover some great places. And hopefully I can entice a few of you to check it out too.

Things don't always happen the way you expect them to. All the cliched sayings and motivational quotes and silly phrases are based in truth. I find that for most of my life I have been very future focused. Its not bad to be that way for there should be some planning for the future, but it can be very disappointing if you are constantly looking forward to the future. All too often we all miss out on the present. We miss out on the people we are with and the things we are doing because we're already thinking about what we are going to do next, what we are going to eat for dinner that night, and where we are going to be this weekend. Every event because something else that's added to our list of things to do and every thing we take part in is just another task to complete. I plan on enjoying my present situation more from now on and I hope you do too.

A friend of mine is dreading February for the shear amount of work and events that will be happening. For being so short, we all pack a lot into it. Because of this, she has decided to call the month FABruary, with the intent that every day she does something new, challenging, or different. I plan on doing my best to keep up with her. Until next time... thanks for reading.


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