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Life After Death Musical to open Off-Broadway

With the recent death of beloved performer Robin Williams, it's only natural to wonder what really happens to us all in the great beyond?

Now a new musical about the human desire to communicate with those who have passed on will open in previews at the Snapple Theatre on September 13 with an official opening on October 25.

Hereafter Musical is the brain child of comedian turned CBS executive, Vinny Favale, Vice-President of Late Night, where he oversees "The Late Show with David Letterman." Having lost his own brothers, Favale was touched when he read about a teen killed in a car wreck due to a drunk driver. He reflected on the family's loss and felt that he knew what they were experiencing. Favale began writing a song, and others followed, all exploring the afterlife from the perspective of both the living and the dead.

Some years after beginning the writing process, Favale teamed up with performer Frankie Keane, who experienced her own losses, and partnered with him on the book and the music.

Keane is a featured performer in the musical as well as Deborah Tranelli, Pierce Cravens, Paul Blankenship, Jill Shackner, and Late Show announcer Alan Kalter.

Hereafter Musical has already experienced life (pardon the obvious pun.) It began as a staged reading at the Roy Arias Theatre about four years ago, followed by a recording of the music. Then a series of concerts in the tri-state area took place, culminating in a limited engagement at Theater 80, with all sixteen shows sold out.

The hereafter is surely a topic that continues to intrigue and provoke discussion and speculation, so I look forward to seeing this new musical in an open run at the Snapple in the Fall. Performances of Hereafter Musical will be on Saturdays at 4:45 PM.

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