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Lies, damn lies and the liars who tell them

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan who has claimed that Israel is killing Moslems for blood to bake matzoh
Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan who has claimed that Israel is killing Moslems for blood to bake matzoh

Any American who has ever voted has known that one can never fully trust politicians. That goes for politicians of every ilk, whether they are Republican, Democrat or Hamas.

Recently when asked directly by Sean Hannity whether Hamas is a terrorist organization, Palestinian spokesperson Hanan ak Dashawari refused to answer. It required a simple yes or no. She talked about Israel starting the war on the peaceful Gazans, about genocide that Israel perpetrated, and all the evil of the Jewish State. She was pressed to answer by Hannity, but never did.

She asserted that Israel started the war. It did not. It responded to over ten thousand rockets fired at civilian targets by Hamas. It also had delayed conflict despite the abduction by Hamas of soldiers and civilians on several occasions. Israel has no use for Gaza and “returned” the territory nearly ten years ago. It does not seek its constant problems.

As for accusing Israel of genocide, Israel fired over four thousand Israeli missiles at arms caches and launching sites and yet there were only about 1,000 casualties? Truly there is a disproportionate number of women and children killed. Then again, the rockets were shot from schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods where women and children tend to gather. The Hamas militants knew that to protect themselves, they were safer in underground bunkers. Hamas, slogan is that more than life is dear to the Israelis, that is how death is to Hamas. They may have few scruples about embracing the death of the weakest members of their community, but rarely do Hamas “warriors” fight openly or purposefully place themselves in harm’s way. There has been no genocide by Israel, and Israel has bent over backward to prevent as many innocent deaths as it can: leafleting, making cell phone calls and aiming weapons with extreme precision. Can the same be claimed of Hamas? True they have failed miserably with their rockets and tunnels, but their clear goal has been to kill as many Jews as possible.

Of all the heinous assertions perpetrated by Hamas leadership and its supporters, however, is one that veteran journalist Wolf Blitzer confronted on CNN. His interviewee was Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, , who on Al Jazeera days earlier had accused Israel of attacking Christians and Moslems to use their blood to bake matzoh. That kind of ugly lie not only is false, it is dangerous. Its singular purpose is to inflame passions of the ignorant masses against Jews, both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora. The United States has not countenanced the blood libel against the Jewish community ever. It first acted to squash the libel was during the presidency of Martin Van Buren who put an end to the lie in Damascus during the last decades of the nineteenth century.

Throughout the weeks of this tragic conflict Hamas has twisted facts to misrepresent events on the ground. Only a week ago President Obama fell for it. Remember? Israel had been accused of killing Gazan teens and children outside a UN school. Subsequently video footage emerged showing Hamas militants bringing corpses from other areas to pile at the school to prove their false accusation. Hamas did not realize it was being filmed. Obama had condemned Israel for the impropriety of that attack and called for Israel to hold back. There were no apologies by the president or his administration for leveling blame on Israel before investigating the episode. There was no showing of the exculpatory video on the American mass media either!

Our press’ place is guarded because it exists to protect democracy. Our press has failed. As Honest Reporting questioned this week, how is it that Pulitzer price winning photographers at the NY Times have yet to photograph one Hamas rocket being fired? French and Dutch film crews have found them. Pictures speak a thousand words, and also steer perceptions effectively and provocatively. Another example is NBC. For at least the third time, it broadcast suffering of Gazans in bombed out areas, and then flipped to Israelis playing on Mediterranean beaches.

Back to our our own government, does Nancy Pelosi truly believe that Hamas is a humanitarian aid organization? She has stated that publicly more than once. Hamas—humanitarian, really?

Life and death, according to the proverb, are controlled by speech. Hamas is expected to incite with false propaganda, but our press and our government must be more discriminating and not to fall for claptrap.

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