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Lies come back to haunt Massachusetts ghost hunter

An attention-hungry Massachusetts man has been going out of his way to create headlines for years. He is now accused of making some of the stories up, CBS News reported.

Attention-hungry and thrill seeker Phillip Brunelle gets exposed for being a con man.
Attention-hungry and thrill seeker Phillip Brunelle gets exposed for being a con man.
Phillip Brunelle's lies come back to haunt him
CBS Boston

Phillip Brunelle of Boston, Massachusetts has been making headlines on Boston's CBS affiliate for over fifteen years. Nowadays you'll find the 34-year-old hunting ghosts. Brunelle is the founder of Mass Most Haunted.

"Phillip Brunelle goes out of his way often to let us know what he is up to, sending emails for example with offers to be interviewed on a number of different stories," Jim Armstrong reports.

Brunelle also known as Phillip Dagget has even appeared on Jerry Springer for relationship issues. In 2004, he claimed to have pulled an infant out of a deadly car accident in Freetown. Brunelle claimed to have won $1,000 and then $1,000,000 from scratch-off lottery tickets in one day in 2006. Also in that same year, while working as a bartender at Puzzles Lounge, he claimed to have saved the patrons from a man coming in and threatening people with an ax. Brunelle claimed in 2009 that employees of Taco Bell contaminated his food with cocaine.

"I've never once been charged with any criminal offense that has to do with fraud," Brunelle said to Armstrong in an interview.

According to Armstrong, Brunelle was charged for impersonating a police officer on March 26, 2012. He was arrested by the Brockton Police Department for allegedly pulling people over in his car, which is a decommissioned state police car that he purchased at an auction.

Brunelle insists that he isn't a con man. Others that know him disagree. The family of the victims of the car accident said that he didn't pull anyone out of the car. Brunelle even sent members of the family a photo of the car crash telling them that the ghosts of the girls can be seen in the background.

Jerry Springer once said that of the thousands of shows that he has filmed, Brunelle's first show stands out as a true classic. Aside from appearing on the Jerry Springer five times, Brunelle also is interested in acting.

"He could have got the part for the Craigslist killer movie, but because he lives in the Boston area he didn't want to act the role because it was too close for comfort since society may portrait him as a killer upon seeing him locally from his acting role," a casting director from the Lifetime Movie Network said.

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