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Lies are being spun on the Supreme Court decision protecting religious freedom

The media is circulating falsehoods to what the Supreme Court actually declared.  Instead of reporting the news, the media is embellishing the news.
The media is circulating falsehoods to what the Supreme Court actually declared. Instead of reporting the news, the media is embellishing the news.

Delusional. The lies being spun on the Supreme Court decision to protect the religious liberty of Hobby Lobby reveals the paranoia the abortion forces are operating. Pro-abortion forces are absolutely going out of their minds that attempts to steamroll over religious beliefs were declared illegal by the Supreme Court.

The earlier 9-0 decision by the Supreme Court that rebuked unreasonable buffer zones around abortion clinics which squashed the civil rights of pro-life forces’ right to protest is an example of who the real extremists are.

Nobody should reign supreme over another’s rights. The two reversals against abortion policies by the Supreme Court is hard evidence that leftist points of view are not superior to religious freedoms. The key word in both Supreme Court verdicts is “unreasonable”.

Buffer zones are still allowed at abortion clinics…..just not unreasonable ones. Contraceptive care is still and always has been offered by Hobby Lobby. There are sixteen contraceptive practices out of 20 that Hobby Lobby already had, something the media goes out of its way to avoid mentioning.

The Supreme Court said it was “unreasonable” for the government to force Hobby Lobby to offer abortion practice methods that destroyed human life. The government did not have a compelling reason to force Hobby Lobby to offer abortion inducing drugs. The Supreme Court decision had precedence by the Religious Restoration Act of 1993, another fact those sympathetic to abortion unrestricted fail to mention.

One of the worst falsehoods by the media is implying that a lot of women will suddenly not have access to contraceptive coverage. Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her dissent that the decision will “deny legions of women access to contraceptive coverage".

It is political hyperbole at its worst.

Nobody is being denied access to birth control. Even Hobby Lobby already makes available 16 of the 20 methods for birth control. One can also walk into any drug store in the country and find a variety of options for contraception. It is political hysteria without bounds to suggest anyone is being restricted.

Hobby Lobby’s case and the issue before the Supreme Court was forcing types of abortion causing drugs on a religious institutions that have moral objections and not having access to birth control.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority by saying, “the government can still provide access to birth control without a co-pay, it simply must use one of the many other ways it has to do that without infringing upon religious freedom”.

To put it flatly, the government can refer people to clinics that have no moral compunction to offer abortions or abortion inducing drugs. There are plenty Planned Parenthood outlets and abortion clinics that are not bound by religious principles.

Another sloppy lie being circulated among left leaning publications as the Huffington Post reported is that corporations can now do what they want by simply claiming it is part of their religion.

The Supreme Court ruled in Hobby Lobby’s favor because the Obama Administration violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. The RFRA does not let anyone do whatever they want with claims it is part of their religious belief. What the RFRA does is to setup a balance of test cases in which the government infringes on religious beliefs.

The government is allowed to infringe on religious beliefs as long as it has a compelling reason to do so. If there is no other way but to infringe on religious beliefs, then the government must find the least obtrusive way to do so.

The Supreme Court justices clearly stipulated that the birth control mandate was the only thing the ruling applied to and not other religiously objectionable practices as vaccines or blood transfusions.

The silliness of birth control without a co-pay being a “fundamental human right” is another mirage being articulated in the media.

President Obama, not Congress, mandated birth control. The birth control mandate is not in the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare”, however it is in an executive order that came from the Department of Health and Human Services as part of the implementing process of the ACA.

There was no national debate nor was it ever brought up during the Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign according to the Christian Post.

This newly created option now labeled a “fundamental human right” on co-pay contraceptives is a phrase created by the media and abortion supporters that never existed.

Marxist socialist Karl Marx is credited with saying, “a lie told often enough becomes true”.

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