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Lieberman Free to Truly be an Independent

CT Senator Joe Lieberman.
CT Senator Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman is proving that he is one of Washington’s savviest senators – and one who continues to prove how well he represents the people of Connecticut – all the people. As a self-professed “independent who caucuses with the Democrats,” Lieberman has shown that he can truly represent middle-America and do what is right for the state and the country without having to answer to special interest groups with radical agendas.

In the misguided euphoria that followed the 2008 Presidential election, the radical left was quick to point out that Obama’s victory resulted in a mandate for the liberal left. Indeed, even members of Obama’s own staff thought that a vote for change was really a vote to implement the Pelosi/Reid agenda that had been unable to circumvent the George W. Bush veto pen. While Obama won over 69 million votes in the general election, this was only 52.9 percent of the popular vote. It was also the first time a Democrat swindled a more than 50 percent of the American people to vote for them since Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976. Even as a 7 percentage point loser, John McCain still received almost 60 million votes. That’s right, nearly 60 million people voted for the loser in the general election and that’s nearly 60 million people with an opinion other than that of the current President of United States. While the media airwaves and headlines are dominated by the far right and far left, America remains a country of independent voters, with differing opinions on a host of important issues.

When Lieberman ran with Al Gore in 2000 he ran as a socially liberal yet business friendly Democrat. This mind set, which Lieberman has retained for the past nine years, is a perfect representation of the beliefs of the majority of the people of Connecticut.

Although an Independent, Lieberman is unwelcome in the Pink section of the Democratic Party. Good Ole’ Joe is beholden to neither of the radical agendas that these groups foment, and is instead able to choose his position based on what he truly believes, as well as what’s right for the people of Connecticut.

Lieberman retains his Chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and is making a name for himself on both sides of the aisle during the current legislative calendar. With the state of the economy, the questions surrounding our troops in Afghanistan, the Fort Hood terror probe and healthcare debate all reigning as national priorities, Lieberman can vote based on the facts and the priorities of America, rather than along a party line.

Keeping with his independent nature Lieberman has vowed to stand against any health care bill that has a negative impact on the private sector’s ability to conduct business. In so doing Lieberman has prevented Senate Democrats from ramming the current bill through the Senate without consulting Republican lawmakers. Less directly Lieberman’s stance will free other “blue dog” Democrats from being forced to stick to a party vote and will allow their fiscally conservative principles to be reflected in any measure that has a hope to continue to move through the Senate.

Joe Lieberman is once again showing himself to be a voice of reason in Washington and a true representative of the people of Connecticut.