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Lice Advice: Free Tutorial Videos at!

Divide Hair Into 4 or 6 Sections To Comb Out Nits & Lice
Divide Hair Into 4 or 6 Sections To Comb Out Nits & Lice
Bruce Skinner

Pam Skinner, owner of Picky Pam at the Beach Lice Treatment Salon in Huntington Beach CA has just added some new instructional videos to show busy moms how to treat and comb at home! "We have a 12 minute video to show you EXACTLY how to treat at home. We wanted to keep it short and sweet, so it is doable!". Moms on a very tight budget can buy two things: a metal flea comb (about $5) and some inexpensive conditioner at the 'dollar store'. If you are patient, you can simply section the head into 4 or 6 sections, and comb. Every few swipes with the nit comb, you wipe both sides on a baby wipe or damp paper towel. You just keep combing, until you no longer get nits on the paper towel. Then, repeat twice a week for one to two weeks. We recommend using a non-toxic, enzyme based product like Absolute Clear. We don't recommend Rid or Nix, they are not as effective as they once were, in our experience. Watch the tutorials and give it a shot. You can do this!