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Libyans, backed by Obama admin. allegedly use Sarin gas to quell uprising

First demonstrations calling for the downfall of the regime in Bayda, Libya
First demonstrations calling for the downfall of the regime in Bayda, Libya

A tribal leader says Sarin gas has been used to quell an uprising near Tripoli. The allegations are being lodged against the Libyan provisional government that is backed by both the U.N. and the Obama admin.

Sheik Hassan Ajeely who is a leader of the Wershevana tribe says the government launched sarin gas attacks on its citizens. It was used in an effort to stamp out the uprising known as the Libyan Green Flag of Resistance.

WND says it had an exclusive Skype interview with Hassan, and he told them: "Last month, the United Nations-backed al-Qaida-related Islamic militia has begun killing civilian members of our tribe with Sarin gas attacks.”

He alleged that the government backed by the U.N., NATO and the United States, has "paid a bounty to recruit al-Qaeda militia and related Islamic militants to launch the gas attacks."

Hassan added:

The gas attacks killed many people in the Wershevana tribe and many others were taken to the Al Zahra Hospital in Tripoli. The international press are reporting nothing even though all the Libyan militia are armed with sarin gas missiles.”

WND claims they received copies of two reports written in Arabic from Al Zahra Hospital which seems to verify the gas attacks. The documents were translated for WND by an Arabic-speaking linguist. They read that two different patients were treated as "victims of a chemical gas attack of an unspecified nature." The documents are dated Jan. 23, 2014; 9 p.m.

The reports indicated the victims were treated for "fainting and difficult breathing due to inhaling an unknown gas" [sic].

Hassan also alleges that Dr. Tark Mitri who is head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, (UNSMIL), has ignored the provisional government paying bounties to recruit Islamic extremists from Tunisia, Qatar and Sudan.

The Islamic extremists are used to attack citizens who oppose the NATO and U.S. backed Libyans. WND also reports they have been able to document the claims by various Libyan tribal leaders about the recruited Islamic extremists.

WND recorded, using Skype, that Sudanese military aircraft piloted by Tunisian militants had been bombing tribal areas in southern Libya. They also obtained a photograph of a police car in Tripoli painted with the black flag of al-Qaeda.

Hassan says tribal forces are in the process of rising up against the provisional government headed by Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. It appears the government is corrupt and working in conjunction with al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups.

It would appear this is the result of U.S. liberation we brought Libya in 2011. Libya isn't the only country in chaos, Iraq has been since troops were pulled out in. December 2011. Since then Iraq has been on the verge of civil war with sectarian violence occurring weekly, if not daily.

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