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Librify Is The Book Club For The Digital Age

Librify Is The Book Club For The Digital Age
Librify Is The Book Club For The Digital Age

An exclusive interview with Librify Vice President Eva Ongeri

Librify G+ Cover
Librify G+ Cover

By R.J. Huneke

Teaming up with Target, Librify is poised to launch a comprehensive virtual book club headquarters that is sure to provide readers with many never-before-seen book experiences.

I sat down with Eva Ongeri, the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Librify at the Book Expo of America, in Manhattan’s Javit’s Center on May 30, 2014.

“Get in on the latest and greatest reading platform,” said Ms. Ongeri.

The passion of the Librify team came across at once in a quick heartfelt note of encouragement for potential Librify readers.

Their current model is procuring members to build book clubs within Librify, to receive an e-book a month, to get great deals and promotions for books in print from Target, and of course to engage and interact with the myriad readers and authors on Librify.

The goal is to guide readers to what will best serve their time.

Choosing the Best Talked About Books to Read

Librify aims to give a valuable recommendation, through its users, reviews, and book club platform, to “make a decision on what’s the next book to read,” said Eva Ongeri.

In an increasingly busy society where billions are connected online, choosing where to spend the limiting 24 hours in a day can be tough.

“People have time commitments and we recognize that,” said Ms. Ongeri, “and we want to help people find the best books to read” in their too-often crammed day.

Doing this is more about connecting Librify members and authors in an organic way with recommendations, rather than just deciding what Librify plugs as gospel.

“[It’s] great to get recommendations or guidance from your friends,” said Eva, “where we’re different is . . . the [Librify] platform will also allow you to engage with readers and users within Librify, within your book club itself . . . their discussion . . . [with] book club views [that] talk about books . . . [and] different book clubs’ views.

“At the moment, social engagements are happening sporadically across many social media platforms,” she went on, “this is specifically designed” for that purpose.

Readers, reviewers, book clubs, and authors are brought together to talk about worthy reads.

Cue The Authors

Live author discussions and engagements are scheduled to be a part of Librify’s app too, to give a further exclusive experience around the popular reads and the book club members.

“Librify speaks to the consumption of readers . . . once they start reading they want that social engagement about that book . . . authors want that too,” said Ongeri.

Connecting the authors with the readers is a powerful tool, and Ms. Ongeri said that “lots of authors are stopping bye and there is just lots of excitement.”

Early Bird Trial Membership + Buying Books On Librify

Librify is currently running trial memberships with a free e-book download and an exclusive invite-only introductory pricing promotion at a significant discount for the next few weeks.

This way, book club members on Librify can benefit as early adopters of the exclusive Librify book club model before it officially launches later this summer.

As VP of Strategic Partnerships Eva Ongeri points out, “the press has dubbed Librify’s ‘Membership model’” based on the future $8.99 per month fee, and this includes one purchase of an e-book that you download each month from a “Redemption List” of over 100 bestsellers and you own that book, regardless of your continued membership status.

There is also an a la carte selection of numerous e-books for purchasing separately at any time.

There are many discount offers on e-books to purchase and some books are offered for free, including many of the “classics.”

Each month, for the small fee, one book can be downloaded at no cost to the member and the virtual book club activity commences.

Librify refers book-hungry members to buy print books offered by and sometimes at a great discount. For those looking to buy e-book versions, Target will refer customers to Librify on their site,

“Target is great in terms of their promotions and club picks,” Eva said. And this allows the fan of paper books, the paper reader, like myself, to be able to acquire these for the bookshelf as well through Librify’s beneficial partnership.


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