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Library items may be placed on hold through website

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Lancaster Library card holders may place library items on hold, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In the comfort of home is where all the convenience takes place. In addition to the Internet, the County of Los Angeles Public Library is about making people lives at ease, with just a click of a mouse.

Steps to Placing Items on Hold

  • First, visit the County of Los Angeles Public Library website.
  • Second, above Advanced Catalog Search, type in desired item or items; press enter and if the item is keyed in correctly, the request will be granted and display all items available.
  • Next, if the item is found, click on the Place Item on Hold button.
  • Then, type in library card number and Personal Identification Number.
  • Finally, click the name of library for pick-up and the work is done.

Okay Lancaster Stay-at-Home mothers, here is a real gas saver, not going through town, convenience for those extremely busy days. Little William needs to place a hold on The Swiss Family Robinson book. No time to go the library to search for the book itself. Take a few minutes to visit the County of Los Angeles Public Library website, search for the item, once found, place on hold. Do placing library items on hold seem like a piece of cake? The best part of it all, it can be done right in the comfort of home.