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Library finds books bound in human flesh

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The Harvard University library has books that are bound in human flesh. There have been three books found that are covered in the skin of people. According to an April 2 report by Geeko System, the practice of binding books with human flesh was popular in the 1600s.

One of the books was bound in the flesh of a an “unclaimed body of a female mental patient. This particular book was about life and death. Another book found in human flesh was about medieval Spanish law, which was bound in the flesh of the author's friend. It was considered to be an “commemorative act.”

“I'm glad I have a Kindle,” Chloe Martin, a college student from Edmond, said. “That is so gross. I like reading, but I'd give it up completely before I'd read books covered with skin.”

Human flesh was usually used to bind books about “anatomy of the body.” That was also back in the day when people were murdered so their bodies could be used during anatomy lessons.

The Harvard library has no plans to get rid of the books bound in human skin. They are also not advertising they have such books.



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