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Library cards are a modern day bargain

Libraries offer more than books
D. K. Christi

Lee County Library, Florida is an eye opener when it comes to services for customers. The library card for residents is no cost. The little plastic card opens worlds to readers beyond their expectation.

Recently, Lee County Library added Hoopladigital, a great online program that brings movies, television and music to the Internet user at no cost. 12 Years a Slave is available, right after all its Academy awards. This is not the only digital down service with free movies, television and music that they offer, just the newest.

For seniors and others on limited budgets, every book is available right after publication for viewing on the internet, in print and on ebook readers. There is no charge unless the book is returned late.

The digital content is too extensive to elucidate, but one can learn foreign languages, attend school, or zero in on a favorite subject to become an expert. The "how to" list is limitless.

It's all possible with the click of a mouse. If a person lacks transportation, materials will be delivered free, but returns must be paid by the customer unless they have a medical reason and have their physician fill out the form.

Every person in Lee County needs to be a library card holder and access the services. It is a priceless gift of tax and volunteer support that takes a person to unknown worlds and fills the mind with great ideas.

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