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Library Card Sign-Up Month

Adirondack Room
Adirondack Room
Photo/Lake Pleasant Public Library

September being Library Card Sign-Up Month, this seems like a really good time to share about a wonderful public library that we discovered.
Visiting Lake Pleasant Public Library, located on Route 8 in Speculator, right in front of the NLH medical building, and signing up for library cards, was a delightful experience that we won’t soon forget.
The library is decorated in Adirondack style, and even though it is located in a rural area, with a small population, it had the technological advances that our city libraries have, including computer access for library members, and the ability to borrow library books and media from a much larger intra-library system. There is also wireless access.
The Adirondack Room was so comfy that I wanted to sit there and read my books instead of taking them home! The staff were so friendly that it brought tears to our eyes, and after a long break from library borrowing, we have commenced again with great gusto.
My favorites, this month, are the books on CD, unabridged, by Catherine Coulter. Very shortly, I will have exhausted every title that they own, and I’ll find another author to immerse myself in. I have a penchant for FBI, police, and court thrillers.


  • Profile picture of Michael Thal
    Michael Thal 4 years ago

    Lake Pleasant Public Library sounds like library heaven. Thanks for sharing.

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