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Liberty eSmart online tax filing for 2013, 2014 review

Liberty online tax filing
Liberty online tax filing

ESmart Tax is the online version of Liberty Tax Service, which has valued products and services available to taxpayers nationwide.

What happens when you file with Liberty eSmart online?

Filing with eSmart Tax insures that you get the best support and satisfaction available. The eSmart edition is backed up by Liberty Tax Service, which happens to be the one of the largest tax preparation firms in the country.

More than 15.8 million tax returns have been filed through this service so they have to be doing something right. Additionally, when you file with eSmart Online you can expect the following benefits to be available to you:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Filing online can be strange for a first time e-filer. However, with eSmart you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the experience. In the event that you are not happy with the services provided, you do not have to pay anything at all.
  • Accuracy – Many taxpayers try to stay away from doing their taxes online themselves because they worry about accuracy. However, eSmart guarantees that your return will be accurate. Furthermore, in the event that it is not and the IRS penalizes you they reimburse you.
  • Larger Refunds – Many taxpayers are not aware of all of the deduction and tax credit laws, which cause them to miss thousands of dollars. ESmart guarantees that they will get you the largest refund ever.

If you go somewhere else and they state they can give you more money back they will reimburse you of all of the tax preparation fees you paid to them.

What customers are saying

Customers who have used eSmart to file their tax returns have had generally positive things to say. ESmart does live up to their guarantees but at the same time, they do have some areas in which customers feel could be improved. However, customers rave about being able to file their taxes themselves online.

How to get started

When first starting out you have the option of trying out the software without creating an account. However, when it comes time to save your return you have to create an account to do so.

Starting out is easy as they have a great introduction available which goes into details about the tax documents you will need to file your return as well as how to navigate the tax software.

When putting in your information you have the option of filling in your information via the tax interview or going to the Quick Navigation that allows you to skip around. You can skip around in the interview however some sections of the software is not going to allow you to skip to the next section of questions until you have fully completed the current section.

Closing thoughts

Tax season is here and it is important that you have selected software if you plan on e filing your tax returns yourself. The information that we have provided you in this review should have provided you with some insight on eSmart online filing by Liberty Tax so you can decide whether this is software that can meet your tax filing needs.

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