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Liberty along the Front Range

Don't tread on me.
Don't tread on me.
Gadsden society

Liberty minded people now have a plethora of ways to become involved in today’s political climate. Liberty on the Rocks, a grassroots group dedicated to bringing together the two founding principles of this nation (libations and freedom), is one such group. Jeff Sacco, chapter president of the group that meets in Jefferson County, describes the group as a place for liberty minded people to meet and discuss anything from politics to business to movies.

At any given Colorado meeting of LotR, one can be expected to find libertarians, conservatives, republicans, and (yes on occasion) even democrats. The only common thread every participant must have is a love of freedom. One chapter in particular (the Red Rocks chapter) has helped to shape the growth of the group. Every first and third Monday of every month, Liberty on the Rocks Red Rocks treats its members to a wide range of speakers.

Among the distinguished list of past speakers are Jon Caldara, Tom Tancredo, Adam Schrager, Reggie Rivers, Bob Beauprez, and many others. Jeff Sacco, Chapter president, has tried repeatedly to attract liberty minded Democrats to speak at the events. . . So far, he has had limited success. But the group itself is non-partisan. Again, the underscored goal is the progression and preservation of liberty.

As proof to the non-partisan concept of the group, the Red Rocks chapter has refused to permit any candidates to speak in coming months. The idea is to promote the concept of freedom, and not be just another campaign stump. However, that does not mean candidates are not in attendance. In fact, one of the main attractions to Liberty on the Rocks is the ability to talk with and meet many of the candidates who choose to drop by. The speaker on the 15th of February will be Mike Holler, author of the Constitution Made Easy; a book which should be required reading in every classroom across America. The book was designed with the simple concept of bringing the language of the Constitution to basic and “easy” levels of comprehension.

Other upcoming speakers include Former governor Richard Lamm, and Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink. Access to these personalities, and all the added fun of Liberty on the Rocks, is free for anyone who chooses to attend. As a true bonus, Happy hour pricing on libations are available for the duration of the meeting.

The concept of LotR is simple: Experience drinks and good times with likeminded individuals. After all, one of our nation’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, once said “Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy.” The Red Rocks chapter took it one step further by allowing access to both big and small names in the political world.

There are currently a number of growing chapters in Colorado, and the nation. The Denver chapter  has been seeing a steady increase in attendants; and so has the chapter located in the Denver Tech Center.

More information about the location, time, speakers, and anything else curiosity would entice is available at the group’s facebook page. Click here to learn more about Liberty on the rocks, and to find a chapter near you.



  • Lorraine Yapps Cohen, Jewelry Examiner 5 years ago

    Everything else is associated with politics. Why not people of like minds and values also. Glad to see these groups convening in Colorado.

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