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Libertarians will speak at NORML Conference

The Second Annual Texas Regional NORML Conference scheduled for June 6-8 in Ft. Worth is touted as "the premier networking event for cannabis activists" that will include speakers, panels, screenings, prizes, and parties for the purpose of promoting marijuana and hemp legalization in Texas.

Libertarians will be speaking at the Texas Regional NORML conference along with many other marijuana and hemp legalization advocates. – used with permission

Mention a major marijuana legalization activity almost anywhere in North Texas and libertarians will likely be involved. This especially applies to events that involve the DFW chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

While an extensive lineup of speakers selected from the ranks of longtime pot proponents will be featured look closely for the sprinkling of Libertarian activists among their ranks.

Two Texas Libertarian Party candidates slated to speak this weekend also appeared at the record-setting Global Marijuana March in Cowtown in May.

Rocky Palmquist, an 11th generation Texas farmer, is running for Secretary of Agriculture on the LP ticket and former Austin cop, criminal defense attorney and lifetime NORML member Jamie Balagia is the party's nominee for Texas State Attorney General.

Heather Fazio, the newly appointed Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Executive Director at Texans for Accountable Government and former Texas LP Membership Coordinator has also been invited to speak.

And for older libertarians who still remember, Julia Rose of the Peter McWilliams Remembrance will be on hand to remember the 14th anniversary of that libertarian Drug War martyr's death after the government denied him his medical marijuana.

The biggest name speaker at the conference will be Kinky Friedman, the hard-to-define sometimes politician, novelist, humorist, columnist, actor, songwriter, erstwhile front man for the 1970s country rock band Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys, and occasional Libertarian.

However Kinky's "occasional Libertarianism" has been limited mostly to his appearance at the Texas Libertarian Party Convention in 2010 and his endorsement of Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass that same year.

The serious business of the three-day event will be held in downtown Ft. Worth at the Norris Conference Center while less thought-provoking activities will transpire at such local venues as Froggy's Boat House, Red Goose Saloon and the Shipping & Receiving Neighborhood Bar.

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