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Libertarians' wildest dreams: EU and Russia merge, US ends NATO

NBC News reported that 47% of Americans polled say the US should "become less active in world affairs."

Why not just put all of the socialist states into one big happy bucket and stop our military subsidies?
Aris Katsaris/Wikimedia Commons/Remix

Libertarians have been saying something similar for years; specifically: Our foreign policy should be noninterventionist, non isolationist and non global empire building. Bring our troops home from around the world and guard our own borders.

So let's think about this. In libertarians' Wildest Dreams there might be a solution to both America's domestic and foreign policies that should please not everyone but at least 47% of the population.

Everybody wants some kind of "social safety net." The right has become comfortable with Social Security and Medicare. The left wants that plus socialized everything else. Libertarians have no argument with social safety nets as long as they're 100% voluntary (i.e., non-government).

Now, libertarians are used to detractors from left and right telling them "If you don't like it here move to some other country." Some actually tell libertarians to move to the Realm of Somalian Warlords as though that decidedly un-libertarian place is somehow libertarian.

But it actually makes more sense for socialists to move. After all, there are social welfare countries galore but no libertarian societies of any size to be found anywhere.

Progressives are constantly bragging on the "success" of the socialized European Union nations. But those countries' social welfare programs are "successful" only because the US subsidizes 73% of their military defenses via NATO.

Here's the Grand Solution.

Russia should merge with the EU to form the Socialist Union of Europe and Russia (SUER, pronounced "sewer"). It makes sense. The EU is socialist, Russia is socialist, so what is the US spending all that money on defending the EU from?

As a condition of EU membership Russia would have to adopt the euro and subsidize all of those EU social programs. They wouldn't need their own militaries. Everyone would then be covered by PutinCare and die on his waiting list instead of ObamaCare's waiting list.

Then all of the world's socialists could move to SUER and go happily bankrupt together while all of the world's libertarians could move to Greater USA (United Societies of Agorism) in North America and prosper.

The USA's people would be happy and the SUER's Ruling One Percenter Class would be happy. Only the Neocons, One Worlders, United Nationers, and other King Of The World wannabes would be unhappy.

Remember: the headline says "libertarians' Wildest Dreams."

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