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Libertarians, Islam, and the Pope

Incredible. Just who does this guy think he is? The leader of the largest Christian Church on earth and here he goes around lecturing those of other faiths? And on issues of religion no less.

Pope Francis has told the Muslims that religious freedom is paramount among the freedoms. People have the right to follow the religion which they judge to be true. No coercion. No belief by the sword. People must be free to find God themselves.

This is coming from the head of the Catholic Church. You know, the one which is so very intolerant of everyone else. The one which calls on the individual to regulate himself, to remember that by himself he is nothing but ego. The Church which teaches that abortion and gay marriage are moral affronts despite what the individuals involved want. The one which, horror of horrors, asks simply that we question ourselves and our motives objectively and accept and live the answers, as any seriously minded soul should want. The one which is so concerned with our individuality that it demands we examine our affections in order that we become the full and complete individuals we should be. The person we should, in truth, want to be.

The leader of the most intolerant institution in human history supports religious freedom. It would be nice to hear such assertions come from our libertarian brethren but, of course, they don't believe in the individual so much as they say they do. They believe the individual should be able to do whatever he wants short of harming other folks or employing any type of 'coercion'. This conveniently avoids any kind of honest introspection, exactly as Islam does. They don't believe in religious freedom so much as they do the despotism of the person.

Tyranny comes from all corners. It's fascinating that it comes from libertarians and Islam more than Rome.

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