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Libertarian Ron Paul protesters cite mass conspiracies for US demise

Freedom's Phoenix Libertarian members protest the Federal Reserve in Phoenix A.Z.
Freedom's Phoenix Libertarian members protest the Federal Reserve in Phoenix A.Z.
Aaron M. Norcia

Nation wide "Audit the Fed" protests took place all across the country on Sunday November 22, 2009 planned in 38 major cities. A group of roughly 10 protesters gathered at 1550 W. 47th Ave. In Phoenix Arizona at the unmarked facility operated by the Federal Reserve. Members of a local meetup group known as Freedom's Phoenix, a Libertarian political action group founded by Ron Paul supporter Ernest Hancock waived signs of accusation at the Federal Reserves main intersection.

As several members conveyed their conspiratorial ideals to they waved signs ranging from "We know the truth" to the most prevalent "End the Fed" and "Ron Paul Revolution" and received honks from motorists heading East and West bound on McDowell Dr. In the early part of the 9 o'clock hour.

Conspiracy theories have long been prevalent in American history and especially so in U.S. Politics. Growing trends in groups such as Freedom's Phoenix and similar Ron Paul Libertarian supporters have become more and more vocal since the inception of the banking bailouts, (said by the administration to have been a necessary action in order to prevent an economic meltdown and divert another great depression) blaming the institution of the Federal Reserve for intentionally causing the market to fail, in an effort to fund it's revival. Freedom's Phoenix member Sharlene Holt told that "this is a common practice by the New World Order, and has been done continually since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 under then President Woodrow Wilson including the first great depression. Another member asked "Have you seen the Matrix movies? That's essentially what's happening to our country."

Freedom's Phoenix members and supporters sight proof through such conspiracy theory styled movies as "The Obama Deception" and a new film the group plans to hold a Dec. 3 screening for called "For Liberty". It documents the 2007-2008 Republican campaign of Libertarian leader Rep. Ron Paul o Texas and the ensuing debates leading up to the GOP nomination to run for President.


  • Pete 5 years ago

    As you write articles do yourself a favor and try to do a little research. You can start on this issue with President Andrew Jackson.

  • Stephen Blackpool 5 years ago

    Timothy Geithner as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York ordered the Bank to payoff the claims of Goldman Sachs and other Wall Streets banks for credit default swaps underwritten by AIG. The bailout cost $180 billion. Was this crony capitalism or something more sinister?

  • Jerry 5 years ago

    This article is the typical propaganda designed to intentionally cast all libertarians as loony. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • dream 5 years ago

    This is amatuer propaganda at best.

  • dream 5 years ago

    Dear author,......what are u new?

  • Jeffrey 5 years ago

    Does the author know anything about the Fed?
    The damage being done by this unconstitutional den of thieves is not theoretical.
    Please write on a subject you know, or take the time research your subjects objectively.

  • Andy 5 years ago

    A sign of the times: media organisations cannot afford intelligent, informed reporters anymore so they resort to publishing the junior-high scribblings of lowest-common-denominator hacks. This article is a case in point...

  • WHAT AN IGNORANT RUBE! 5 years ago

    UNESCO was formed to educate for the New World Order.
    Their own words:
    Check this on page 11 it says so:
    Use the http before this :

    Say that you agree, but don't say it does't exist. Look what EU has done!
    They thought they'd get us with health care and cap and trade but we'll go down fighting...

  • Neahle 5 years ago

    As far as commenting on a gathering of protesters, this article is adequate, though the tone is dismissive rather than dispassionate. But it missed opportunities to explore several deeper issues and thus rise above mere reportage to enter journalistic inquiry.
    What is the Federal Reserve: who, what, how do they control major economic policy in the USA? their history though hidden, is discoverable. William Greider's book "Secrets of the Temple" is highly recommended in universities...Consider delving beneath the surface to present facts/background/food for thought...

  • mcb 5 years ago

    I usually don't judge a book by its cover, but Mr. Norcia's picture does not project professionalism.

  • Your mom 5 years ago

    Dude, WHAT conspiracy theory? It's a FACT the Federal Reserve is a conglomerate of private, off-shore banks. It is NOT overseen by the federal government in anyway. That's why Ron Paul had to introduce a bill to audit them. If they were a governmental agency we wouldn't need that.

  • Deefburger 5 years ago

    You get an "F". Haven't you been paying attention? This country had 120 years of nearly 0% inflation, until Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. Since then, even though the Fed's mandate is to prevent inflation, we have had nothing but inflation since.

    Do the math and you will see that inflation has reduced the value of the Dollar 95% in less than 100 years. That is why you can't save money. That is why you have to continuously "re-invest" in order to preserve your wealth for your future.

    Capitalism requires capital to be. Capital is SAVED from profit. Without real money, that holds it's value over time, this is not possible with Fed money.

    Debt, which is what the Fed "creates" to print money, is not captital, it's not wealth, it's the opposite. It is a drain on your future and mine. Where does the drain lead? Follow the money, do some real investigating.

  • Aaron M. Norcia 5 years ago

    Wow, you guys don't like being called conspiracy theorists. I showed up to a building where people were protesting. I was told America IS the Matrix movie. I've seen zeitgiest I & II, Obama deception, Alex Jones, and most the others. Facts. Unsupported facts. Some truth mixed with some coincidence and ALOT of BS. Help America. You don't want me to write an OP ED on the lack of human compassion and fundamental morality the Libertarian party condones. None the less I get paid for every comment you leave. Thank you.

  • Al 5 years ago

    Consider, that before 1913 and the Federal Reserve, Congress controlled the money involved in the operation of the Unided States. With the Federal Reserve, a group of international bankers, we now get to barrow our own money at interest. The only way we can pay back the money we barrow, plus the interest, is to barrow more money from the Federal Reserve, again at interest. Perpetual debt we can never get out of. "Give me the control of a nations money and I care not who writes the laws."

  • John Longenecker, L.A. Gun Rights Examiner 5 years ago

    We DO have conspiracies, Aaron; cosa nostra is a conspiracy; workmans compensation insurance fraud is a conspiracy. Street gangs conspire, murder for hire is a conspiracy, and so is smuggling, and various attacks on our sovereignty.

    Bank robbery is a conspiracy, car theft rings and slavery are conspiracies. Midnight auto supply, political cover-ups of stories and other media tricks are conspiratorial, and so are nearly anything that hides facts from the electorate.

    Don't make fun of conspiracy theories, when they come from both sides amid a criminal environment that accuess people of killing babies in the operating room on one side and killing babies in the uniform on the other.

    How about false press release for the purpose of stock manipulation. Then there's voter registration fraud, identity theft, and then Saddam Hussein's bribing members of Congress.

    And then the cover-up of that. Nearly every investigative reporte is following a conspiracy of one sort or another

  • Ryking 5 years ago

    Wow, you Paultard/teabaggers sure are thin-skinned. There wasn't a derogatory word in the article, yet you all took offense. I guess you expected an article filled with the same -- let's call it "exuberance" -- which you pour into your screeds. It wasn't his job to be cheerleader for your movement or to fellate you, just report on an event. Idiots.

  • Hana, Newark Public Policy Examiner 5 years ago

    I would have appreciated this article a lot more if you talked about the "conspiracy theories" themselves, rather than just calling them so. A good article presents the facts and allows the readers to decide for themselves. If an opinion is presented, it would mean a lot more if they were backed up with a REPORT of what happened, rather than just the date, time and general actors. I commend you on attending the protest, but I cannot say the same about the coverage.

  • Jon Morris 5 years ago

    I guess for me what is upsetting is that you call them "theories". There is nothing theoretical about the FACTS that have been represented. Also, you call them "theories" without doing any research about the so called "theories" themselves.

    Watching Zeitgeist and Alex Jones movies does not mean nor imbue you with a decent understanding of the Federal Reserve, its beginning, what is has meant and done, and what it plans to do in the future.

    Additionally, I am in the picture you used in this article (far right), and you referred to everyone there as being from a Freedom's Phoenix group. While I do not disdain Freedom's Phoenix folks, I am in no way affiliated with them at all, and know for a fact that at least 2 other people out of the max of 13 or 14 of us were not either. Just your average concerned citizens.

    You seem to have a problem differentiating between "facts" and "opinions". I would recommend taking notes and asking questions next time

  • gibson 5 years ago

    thank you to all who have looked beneath the surface and educated yourselves on the issues. years of ignorance, apathy and an undeserved trust in government have gotten us into this position, those paying attention should be commended, keep up the good work and again... thank you.

  • Fellow Examiner 5 years ago


    I, too, commend you for attending the event. But please, please, for the sake of your fellow Examiners, please learn how to cover something dispassionately and, barring that, please list your facts. I realize you're a "progressive" examiner and, as such, you will have your own agenda; however, it will serve your readers well if you could be more professional--both in your displayed pic & your writing.

    Please learn correct grammar & spelling. Nonetheless is one word, and this sentence:
    "in an effort to fund it's revival" is wrong--it's should be its. It's is a contraction meaning it is; its is the possessive form and has no apostrophe.

    I write these things only because, as a fellow Examiner, I want to see us maintain a certain level of professionalism and credibility, not to denigrate you. Again, I applaud your attending the event.

    I would also change the profile pic.

    Fellow Examiner

  • stan4liberty 5 years ago

    Aaron; It seems like you tried your bet to be unbiased. But as with all of us, your bias showed anyway.

    Be honest. If you think these people are a bunch of nut-jobs, say so. Then back it up with rational argument, facts and references.

    When you actually start learning about the Federal Reserve system, you may find that their perspective is validated by a truckload of evidence, factual reports, economic laws and historical documentation.

    The perpetual weakness of liberalism is that it lacks any validation, becasue there is none. A little scholarship may revolutionize your point of view. Barring that, there is always denial and appeals to emotion.

  • Ron B 5 years ago

    Gee, it is the same kind of comments on a report. It is a good, well written piece. I enjoyed it and just can't read all the comments.

  • Fellow Examiner 5 years ago

    The Ron Paul nuts are worse than the gun nuts. They are a crazy but organized fringe movement that goes after anyone who doesn't drink their kool aide.

    Aaron you are too kind to the libertarian wing nuts. They are a collection of naive misfits who deserve only jeers and contempt.

    If libertarians ever got their way we would be living in caves.

  • Tom4REAL-Liberty 5 years ago

    stan4liberty says:"The perpetual weakness of liberalism is that it lacks any validation"

    Do you even listen to yourself? How does a feeling of equality and justice withstand validation?