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Libertarian Party offers liberty book deal

The Libertarian Party announced today, January 9, 2014, to sell to the public four books for $30 with free shipping. The catch? Their about liberty and work to spread the libertarian message. Seems like a great deal for libertarians and those wishing to give them as gifts to friends who may not currently identify themselves as libertarian. The deal ends on January 31, 2014.

These aren't just any old books about liberty. They are books about the Libertarian Party, about libertarianism applied to many issues, and about how to communicate Libertarian Party principles and solutions.

One of them, "Introduction to the Libertarian Party: For Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and Everyone Else" was written last year by Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee.

The book Why Government Doesn't Work was written by Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party's 1996 and 2000 nominee for president. Harry Browne was famous for his bold libertarian solutions and was considered a master communicator by many. These books from 1995 are not in new condition — they've been in the Libertarian Party's basement storage for more than a decade, but are still great for reading, especially if you are new to the party and aren't familiar with Browne's fantastic work.

The following two books, were received by the LP in bulk, at cost, and the profits will help fund other LP projects.

Libertarianism in One Lesson, by David Bergland (Ninth Edition, 2005), answers the most common questions about libertarianism. What is libertarianism? Does libertarianism work in the "real world"? The book lays out the central premise of libertarianism — "you own yourself" — and reveals how that deceptively simple statement has an enormous impact on the relationship between government and individuals.

Finally, Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion, by Michael Cloud (2004), will help you "open hearts and minds to the ideas of liberty." From the book's cover: "Want to open closed minds? Want to make people really listen? Want to make people hungry to hear about liberty? Want to learn more powerful and effective ways to communicate libertarian ideas? Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion makes this possible." Michael Cloud is a current board member on the LNC.

Again, these aren't just general books about liberty, politics or economics. These were selected to help libertarians be a better Libertarian Party activist.

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