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Libertarian Party grows while Republican and Democratic parties fall

The numbers don't lie and the Libertarian Party is attracting American voters by the bucketful. Yesterday, April 2, 2014, the Libertarian Party announced that voter registration has increased nationwide by over 11% since 2012 while registration in all other national political parties have fallen during the same period. Recent polling confirms the increase of Americans turning their back on the two older parties and are registering to vote as either independent or as a libertarian if permitted by the government. Increasingly, independent voters are more important to political campaigns and decide many elections across the country.

According to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, in the 30 states that allow their citizens to register as Libertarian there were 368,561 registered Libertarians at the close of March, 2014, increasing by 11.4% while Democratic and Republican registrations fell. The states with the biggest increase in registered Libertarian Party voters are Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Louisiana. The states with the largest number of members to the Libertarian Party itself are California, Texas and Florida. The Libertarian Party of Florida has boasted an increase of 26% in its membership over the same time period.

There is little wonder why the two major political powerhouses work so hard to keep Libertarian Party candidates off the ballot and from being heard by the public. The Libertarian Party's 2012 Presidential Nominee, Gary Johnson, was purposefully excluded from the Presidential Debates even though he qualified to be in at least one of the final debates. Even though Johnson was highly rated with voters when it came to the issues, the media was in overdrive during the 2012 election cycle mentioning only the Republican and Democratic candidates. Despite these major hurdles, the Libertarian Party continues its growth as more Americans learn what is means to become a libertarian and they realize many celebrities are just like them.

Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey Neale commented yesterday, "I think it's great that Libertarian registration is increasing throughout America, while the Democrats and Republicans have been shrinking. Maybe it's our across-the-board message of 'more freedom, less government.'"

In a report this past January, it was revealed that Americans identifying as independent has increased to 42% of the population while those identifying themselves as a Democrat has decreased 13.8% since 2008 to now at 31%. Republicans have fared worse with only 25% of the population - the lowest on record according to Gallup. While Republicans and Democrats are playing catch up on the issues most dear to Americans, the Libertarian Party has already been there to sweep them up. Marijuana legalization, marriage equality, NSA spying are just a few of the many issues the Libertarian Party has long been on the side of Americans. The political machine will need to adapt to include Libertarian Party candidates in their media coverage or die in the ratings as Americans wake up to how they and their votes have been manipulated.

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