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Libertarian Party calls unemployment numbers deceptive

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party posted a response (seen below) to recent unemployment numbers released by the U.S. Department of Labor citing they are deceptive to the American people. The posting points out that there are actually 10 million more Americans unemployed than when Barack Obama took office, which is opposite what is often reported and touted by the federal government.

Changing the way things are reported to give Americans a rosier than reality picture is often done by the federal government. For example, the inflation rate reported by the government is distorted as it does not take into account regular things purchased by Americans such as gasoline and food. As reported by Perianne Boring on Forbes yesterday titled 'If You Want To Know The Real Rate Of Inflation, Don't Bother With The CPI,' stating "The CPI is perhaps one of the most important government statistics because it affects a number of public programs and is used as a benchmark to set public policy. But it’s accuracy is questionable, especially when compared with other agency’s inflation measures."

Also at issue is the "participation rate" of Americans in the workforce or the total Americans not employed which are of an age and ability to work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calls this number the U-6 which is not widely reported in favor of the lower U-3 number. The federal government does not report those who have dropped off the government tracked unemployed as many have given up looking for work. CNBC contributor Rick Santelli often questions and exposes the manipulation of the unemployment rate as reported by the federal government.

So what classifies a person as being unemployed, as per the U.S. government? People are classified as unemployed only if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior four weeks, and are currently available for work. In December, 2013 the U-3 number, which is headlined across the nation was at 6.7%, yet the U-6, which is the more realistic number the federal government doesn't want you to see was at 13.1% in December.

Carla Howell, political director for the Libertarian Party, made the following statement to Press TV:

Manipulating the unemployment rate is one of many ways that the federal government deceives American voters.

No matter what politicians claim the unemployment rate is, workers searching for jobs know better. They see that Democratic and Republican promises to "stimulate the economy" have utterly failed.

In order to hand out pork and create artificial government jobs for special interests, Democrats and Republicans raise taxes, overspend, discourage investment in small businesses, and keep overall unemployment dangerously high.

The only real cure to unemployment is to drastically and immediately cut taxes and cut government spending. And to remove unneeded government regulations that stifle economic growth. By simply getting government out of the way, we can create millions of productive, private-sector jobs.

The unemployment rate is dangerously high for young workers. They're trapped between a rock and a hard place. They can't find jobs reflective of their investment in education while they're being saddled with school loans they won't be able to pay off for many years. It's demoralizing for them and a tremendous waste of young talent and ambition.

But young workers aren't the only ones affected. Workers of all ages are struggling to find well-paying jobs.

Americans are becoming deeply concerned by Democrats' and Republicans' refusal to stop government overspending. Voters fear that the entire economy could suffer a major crash or prolonged recession, much like the decline of many European economies under socialist policies.

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America dedicated to dramatically reducing government spending, taxation, and debt, creating real economic growth.

Libertarian candidates, such as Danny Bedwell running for the U.S. House in Mississippi, vow to cut government spending dramatically and to regulate the federal government — rather than micromanage the people and businesses of the United States.

This is the kind of Libertarian vision we need in Washington, D.C., to turn around this country. We need to elect every small government Libertarian candidate possible to both federal and local offices, to create millions of private-sector jobs in America.

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