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Libertarian gubernatorial candidate could benefit with his stance on Cuba

Late Monday evening, the Atlantic Council released a poll showing 63% of Floridians favor allowing more American companies to do business in Cuba and removing restrictions on US citizens to spend dollars in Cuba. Polling was even higher with Hispanics and Latinos. The poll also revealed 67% of Floridians favor removing all restrictions on travel to Cuba by US citizens.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie (left) with 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

We did not hear from one of the two Libertarians running for the Office of Governor, however we did hear from Adrian Wyllie who is favored to run up against Rick Scott and likely Charlie Crist in the general election this November. Wyllie has been consistent in his stance the embargo should be lifted as has the Libertarian Party of which he is a member. Wyllie said this morning, "This poll shows that most Americans have a better fundamental understanding of foreign policy than our politicians. As Libertarians consistently point out, peace and friendship between nations is built upon trade, not embargo. The U.S. economy will benefit from access to Cuban goods and a new market for American products. Floridians will benefit from unrestricted travel and peaceful relations with one of our nearest international neighbors. The Cuban people will benefit from a new-found prosperity that will inevitably begin to repair the damage inflicted by decades of Communism and isolation. I fully support normalizing relations with Cuba and lifting the Cuban embargo."

Rick Scott is clearly on the wrong side of this issue. Scott said, “We stand for them. America is built on freedom and democracy. Cuba is not free or democratic. The embargo that’s in place is part of standing up for the Cuban individuals, Cuban families’ freedom. So we need to continue the embargo.” Apparently he does not understand what the majority of Floridians have figured out, that the American embargo for Cuba shows how un-free we are to trade with and travel to other countries. Because the American government has restricted its citizens from visiting the nation or trade their goods.

Charlie Crist is someone who can't seem to make up his mind and has proven himself to be inconsistent on this and a growing list of other issues affecting the state. When Crist was Florida's governor just a few years ago he sounded more like Rick Scott stating, "I feel very strongly about not supporting the totalitarian dictator's regime, and I understand others may have a different point of view. It just isn't mine. I believe in freedom, and I support the embargo. I've been counseled about it by Mario Diaz-Balart and Lincoln (Dias-Balart) and the senator and Ileana (Ros-Lehtinen), and I trust their judgment very much. You know, I'm the kind of guy that, you know, if there are other people who are more expert or closer to a particular issue, I think it's important to seek their counsel and rely upon it, and in this area, I do." Today, he would like Floridians to believe otherwise and he now moves to the Libertarian position, stating he is favor of lifting the embargo which adds to his 'flip-flop' reputation.

Wyllie is the clear winner on this issue affecting the candidates as Scott is on the wrong side of the fence, while Crist could go either way.

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