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Libertarian? Anarchy? Voluntaryism? Just call it Non-Coercion

What should people make of an apparently serious political organization called "Anarchists who obey the Law Party"?

While the Spy vs Spy characters created for Mad magazine by Antonio Prohías in 1961 are technically not anarchists, this is the view most people have of anarchism.
Garry Reed

Whenever the baggage-carrying word "anarchy" is hyphenated with another controversially-contagious word – Anarcho-Capitalism, Socialist-Anarchist, Post-Modernist-Situational-Left-Insurrectionary-Anarcho-Syndicalist-Feminist-Neuterism – someone will scream "Oxymoron!"

Some anarchists of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries practiced "Propaganda by the Deed:" kill a statist ruler by bullet or bomb and the masses would spontaneously rise up against their masters and free themselves.

Today most see an + archy as meaning "no law" or "no rule." But libertarians have another take; since they're not against laws or rules per se anarchy means "no government," being as how government, a de facto organized criminal organization, is the eternal imposer of involuntary rules and laws.

Libertarians recognize the subtle-sounding yet mind-altering difference between "involuntary governments" and "voluntary governance."

Voluntary- or self-governance means a free marketplace of competing goods, services and ideas. A free market, while unregulated by involuntary governments is nonetheless governed by voluntary laws and rules. Markets are rigorously regulated by the free interactions of free people freely participating in the marketplace.

Every "market failure" perceived by one person is a "market opportunity" for another to supply that "failure." No government coercion is required.

Many libertarians, like voluntaryists and agorists, call this spontaneous order.

Non-libertarians who don't get it tell libertarians if they hate government so much they should move to Somalia where they can get all the spontaneous order they can stand.

But Somalia, as explained elsewhere, is a land with a multitude of governments. They're called warlord governments.

Spontaneous order is what happened throughout most of America's Westward movement, contrary to Hollywood's pseudohistorical mythology. What Somalia has experienced is not spontaneous order but spontaneous chaos.

Spontaneous order is based on well established concepts such as Live and Let Live, the Golden Rule, and libertarianism's own Zero Aggression Principle.

That earlier-referenced "Anarchists who obey the Law Party" advocates a consumption tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, an income tax and an IRS stand-in called the Tax Enforcement Agency.

They're kidding, right? Why not the "Law-Abiding Citizens who don't obey the Law Party?"

Oxymoron, anyone?

Call it Anarchy or call it None Of The Above; once all the juice is boiled out of the cabbage the only issue that remains for true libertarians is coercion vs. non-coercion.

Any ideology that is so bad it must be imposed through coercion has no claim to legitimacy.

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