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Liberals on Twitter spin Cantor primary loss as attack on Jews

Eric Cantor loses to Tea Party candidate in Va. primary
Eric Cantor loses to Tea Party candidate in Va. primary
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On Tuesday, Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., lost his primary race to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat in what has been described as a huge upset. Among those spinning the loss was Dave Wasserman, U.S. House editor of the Cook Political Report, who wondered if Cantor's religion might have played a role.

"There will be lots of 2nd guessing tmw on Cantor loss #VA07," he tweeted. "Surely will focus on debt ceiling/leadership role, but his religion a role too?"

"Really?" the Twitchy staff asked. "This is the spin the left is going to put on the VA-7 primary? House majority leader Eric Cantor lost his primary because Republicans don’t like Jews?"

Mike Dickinson, the uber-liberal Democrat who wants the House seat despite not being on the ballot, falsely claimed in a tweet that Tea Party members "hate non Christians (sic)." Dickinson, however, has expressed his own brand of hate, having sought support from people wanting to see him "decimate" Christians. But, Twitchy added, several people echoed Wasserman's spin.

"Cantor is only Jewish Republican in Congress still, right?" asked Ben Goodman, a Twitter user who identifies himself as a "Hill staffer."

"It can't be undersold that Eric Cantor was the last Jewish Congressional Republican," another person added.

"Eric Cantor was the only Jewish Republican in Congress," tweeted Asher Huey, a Twitter user who self-identifies as a progressive and a blogger.

Wasserman, however, was taken to task by some who said Cantor's religion was never an issue. One person who identified himself as a conservative Jew said he would not have voted for Cantor "because of amnesty."

One Twitter user described Wasserman's spin as "silly," reminding him that the outgoing Majority Leader was also a Jew when he won his previous elections.

Another Twitter user predicted the so-called mainstream media would mention Cantor's religion in a hypothetical headline: "Anti-Semitic Tea Party Ousts GOP Leader."

"Probably a lot of truth to that prediction," the Twitchy staff added.

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