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Liberals, know thine enemy

Stephen Colbert doesn't see color.
Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

There is a horrible trend in the liberal community for some of its most vocal members to also be comically over-sensitive. This is seen when prominent liberals in the media say something that can be taken out of context, if you really want to, and twisted into something that doesn't really make sense. It usually happens to satirists by people who don't understand satire.

The latest example of this stupidity is a Twitter campaign called #CancelColbert that rose in response to a joke made by Comedy Central on The Colbert Report's official Twitter page. Stephen Colbert admittedly does not control this account, as he tweets under @StephenatHome, and @ColbertReport tweeted that they are under the control of Comedy Central and not The Colbert Report show, but this has not stopped those who just want something to complain about.

So before we berate the rabblerousers any further let's take a look at the offense. The original tweet was deleted but there is a screen capture over at

"I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever."

This sounds bad, but it's from a very well-known satire show, so maybe we should look at the context. As it turns out, there is something going on that this is a direct satirization of. The controversially named Washington Redskins decided to save their racist name by starting a racistly named foundation called the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation. At this point the satire should not require any further explanation.

But the overly-sensitive in the liberal community will not look at common sense as they seek another ally to villainize. Conservatives know this, too, and they jump to take advantage of things like this.

Michelle Malkin tweeted, "Co-sign! RT @suey_park I'm sick of liberals hiding behind assumed 'progressiveness' #CancelColbert"

But as stupid as conservatives can sound when attacking liberals, they can't be more stupid than when liberals attack each other. Earlier this year a similar controversy erupted around a joke Ellen DeGeneres made while hosting the Oscars. Just like The Colbert Report's joke, the attacks on it were reliant on not understanding the premise.

"Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I've ever seen," DeGeneres joked during a portion of her monologue dedicated to roasting well-known attendees. "Good job, sir."

This simple ribbing was met with some knee-jerk reactions so acrobatic they are worthy of Cirque du Soleil. Bruce LaBruce led the dissent with a tweet that started the transphobic accusations against the lesbian daytime television host and LGBT activist.

"I did not appreciate Ellen's mean joke about Liza. I found it transphobic and disrespectful."

First of all, this is not a trans joke. It's a drag joke. Second of all, there really are a lot of drag queens that impersonate Liza Minnelli. That's the sort of thing humor draws on. If Elvis were alive the same joke would apply to him and no one would be calling foul because he's mainly impersonated by members of his same gender, but that part of it has nothing to do with why that joke is funny.

Liberals need to realize they have very real enemies out there saying very real things to complain about. Really.

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