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Liberals just love the taste of the sh*t that comes out of their mouths

Liberals feed Americans a sandwich made from the sh*t they spew from their mouths as they laud ObamaCare and its creator for "liberating" Americans from jobs.
The People's

Between Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the liberal media, it is small wonder that so much B.S. can be bandied about and taken to be factual truth. When people like Chuck Todd slanders the TEA Party, while Obama and his minions not only empty the U.S. Treasury but sink it into tens of trillions in debt, there are few who recognize their lies, and fewer still who will stand against them. GOP leadership is more intent on diminishing the conservatives who want Washington to stop stealing from taxpayers, but instead want a piece of the pie.

Boehner and his moderates should become democrats so they could sit at the fat cat table and get their share of taxpayer dollars rather than begging for some or hoping for their turn without conservative interference. That’s why Wall Street is so happy and the middle class is shrinking, because those liberals and moderates (liberals-lite) currently in power are funding them through “quantitative easing.” They have taken trillions out of our grandchildren’s pockets to spread to all their friends.

That’s why they create worthless, bogus businesses like “climate hubs,” to give millions of taxpayer dollars to their friends. That’s why they create subsidies and waivers for ObamaCare, to give millions of taxpayer dollars to their friends. That’s why there have always been tax loopholes in the creation of the income tax, double taxing the middle class so they can give millions of taxpayer dollars to their friends. Saying, “there is no corruption in the Obama administration,” gives new meaning to “you can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Liberalism is the religion of self-righteous hypocrisy where what you don't know hurts everybody. They say that people like Scott Walker, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mike Hill, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Col. Allen West, and Dr. Ben Carson enter government so they can make money. While it is people the likes of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell who increase taxes for bogus reasons like the EPA and ObamaCare, then fill the pockets of their rich friends on Wall Street by giving them eight hundred billion dollars every year from borrowed taxpayer dollars.

They convince a hundred million boobs that the TEA Party is a bunch of greedy racists, while they fool them into thinking that the huge tax increase of ObamaCare will provide health insurance for thirty million uninsured, which it does not. Instead it costs the working people tens of millions of jobs, which the New York Times calls people are being “liberated” from having to work, and those that do pay tens of millions of dollars in higher fees, all while making the greatest healthcare system in the world the axe in the hands of government. And that government doesn't want to have so many old people demanding they give back the wealth they have stolen.

This is why taxpayers who vote for liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are like a bunch of chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. To their detriment, they are all too stupid, too busy, too distracted to pay attention to what matters and understand their government and what it is they are doing. The America people are the unwitting dupes of their own destruction who swallow the same sh*t that comes out of these liars' mouths and agree on its good taste.

When four out of five Americans are so easily duped into believing the TEA Party is bad and its representatives are the people with the base ulterior motives of greed, this commentator doesn't see much hope for the future of America. As they say, in socialism they always run out of other people's money. When that happens then the tens of millions who have no jobs and are living off of government stipends will be parasites whose host has been bled dry and they will be cut off.

The armed insurrection to which they resort will be doomed to failure as those in government act to save their own skins, wallowing in the wealth they stole from the people for themselves. Good luck that a George Washington should rise up to liberate and protect them once again. More likely they will be under the boot of the next Hitler for generations to come and they will wonder where their freedom has gone.

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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke