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Liberals call for death of Supreme Court justices, U.S., over Hobby Lobby ruling

Liberals call for murder of Supreme Court justices after Hobby Lobby decision
Liberals call for murder of Supreme Court justices after Hobby Lobby decision
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It's pretty much a given these days that liberals go over the top whenever something happens they don't like. As we reported Monday, a number of people called for burning down Hobby Lobby stores after the Supreme Court ruled that "closely held" companies could not be forced to pay for contraception if it violates religious views held by the owners. Some, however, went into full meltdown on Monday, calling for the murder of Supreme Court justices and death to the United States as a whole.

"So, who is going to help me kill the supreme court judges?" one person asked on Twitter.

"[M]urder the supreme court," another person added.

"Someone should be a martyr and just kill a couple of the conservative supreme court judges," added Twitter user "Marc Starvaggi."

One person suggested bombing the golf carts of white men who do not support abortion.

"[W]hat do we need to do to speed this along? can (sic) someone tap their scotch or put a bomb under their golf carts?" said Twitter user "lp."

Some weren't content to limit themselves to just those who serve on the Supreme Court. Some, Pundit Press noted, expressed a desire to see the entire country dead.

"Oh cool, I woke up sick and there was a horrible supreme court ruling. Death to America," one person said.

"Death to America. Religious terrorism wins again. Thanks supreme leaders," said Twitter user "Julia." One person responded, telling Julia he reported her tweet to law enforcement.

Some even called for revolution over free birth control. One of those calling for armed insurrection suggested members of the court be shot by firing squad.

Pundit Press also said a number of people, obviously unfamiliar with the actual ruling, falsely claimed the Supreme Court "raped" every woman in the country.

In February 2011, we first said that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. On practically any given day, liberals prove that assertion correct.

Note: Joe will discuss this ruling and the reaction from the left on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time with Josh Bernstein.