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Liberals beware: The Josh Bernstein Show is here...

With no real leadership in the White House or Congress, and a Democratic Party that treats the Constitution like toilet paper America is in great peril. Liberalism, Progressivism, Collectivism, and Socialism are destroying our country like a 21st Century plague.

photo by Stephen Hughes

Enter the cure….

Let me introduce myself. My name is Josh Bernstein. I am a writer, political strategist and radio talk show host. I am a strong and fierce defender of liberty and a merciless crusher of liberal stupidity. Some people know me by my writing and some people know me from my show. But most people will remember me because of my passion.

I take great pride in reporting the news stories of the day without a filter and in an unapologetic manner. I will always give straight forward information and without the "talking points". I always attack a story in a way and at an angle that those in the Main Stream Media would not dare to.

In short, I am blunt, I am brash, and I am bold.

You see, I truly believe that like the Great Michael Savage has said that liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Conservative comedian and writer Evan Sayet says it best, "The modern day liberal, sides with evil over good, wrong over right, the lesser over the better, the ugly over the beautiful, the profane over the profound, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success."

My show takes great pride in exposing liberals for what they are; no more intellectually honest than your typical kindergartner. For more on this please read Evan Sayet's New York Times Best Seller:

Like these two great patriots and millions of others, I believe that every single problem can be solved using intellect, common sense, and above all, Conservative principles.

I welcome other points of view and believe me I love a good debate and although I will probably disagree with 90% of what liberals say I will always fight for their right to say it.

I do not sugar coat things. I firmly believe that effective medicine is not supposed to taste like cherries and bubble gum. It is supposed to be bitter, nasty, and hard to swallow.

It is for this reason that it is more effective.

I do not mince words either. I hate euphemisms, or euphemistic language, and I really hate politically correct jargon and slogans.

I am a say what you mean and mean what you say kind of guy. Too often we say things we don’t really mean because we are so afraid of what others might think, or how they will react… Garbage… just say it. If someone doesn’t like what you have to say, they can tune you out, or turn the dial.

I'm not afraid to take strong positions either. The truth is I would rather be loved by millions and hated by millions than be moderately liked by everyone. Who the heck wants to listen to someone who doesn't speak with passion about their beliefs?

I love praise and admiration and I get a lot of fan mail; but I also love negative comments too. When you listen to my show I want you to evoke strong emotions good or bad.

I can promise my listeners these three things:

1. original content and analysis of each and every story.

2. to say things most in the media would not.

3. never apologize for my convictions.

I take great pride in outsmarting, outhinking, and outfoxing the left. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face more than exposing a liberal's true intentions and revealing the mask they so perfectly wear in the face of the low information voters.

So tune in to The Josh Bernstein Show: where liberal hypocrisy and leftist lunacy is exposed and dismantled with intellect and facts.

The Josh Bernstein show plays live every Tuesday from 7-8pm pst & from 9-10 am pst or anytime right here: