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Liberals and moderates at war with the TEA Party

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Both liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are in open war against conservatives of the TEA Party, mocking and smearing them in every conceivable manner. From stealing funding through illegal taxation to the Geico gecko making a commercial with a tea bag flying into the Boston harbor and announcing, “This party is over,” both are hoping the conservatives go away and leave them to tax and spend America into oblivion. To add injury to insult, Obama appointed one of his biggest supporters to “investigate” the IRS.

Yet the TEA Party is anything but over. Conservatives are more furious than ever at the greedy thugs and parasites of the Democrat Party, aided and abetted by the equally greedy moderates of the Republican Party, that are both complicit in stealing from the public in the name of their own cronyism. History has proven that when the Republican Party is split is when Democrats have gained power and the nation has suffered the worst, under Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter, and now Obama. Under each of these presidents excessive taxes have sent the country into depressions until saved by a Republican president who would stand against their abuse, and when Republicans have controlled Congress, the budget was balanced and taxes lowered allowing the economy to blossom.

Liberalism is born of ignorance and immorality. Fifty percent of liberals will learn how the world works as they age, but today’s young are exceptionally illiterate and have not been taught the history of America, but the revisionist history of socialists. This accounts for their repeatedly being fooled into voting for Democrats who are dismantling the American Dream in favor of their bogus ideology of “fairness.”

The only thing socialists have ever achieved is to bring down the economy on the heads of peasants while stuffing their own bank accounts. While middle class incomes have dropped under Obama, members of his administration and Congress have built lavish bank accounts with more than half of them now being millionaires. Smearing the TEA Party for the partial shutdown in October, Obama’s campaign of lies is still succeeding, causing people to turn away from the only ideology under which America has ever thrived.

Congress richer than ever

One thing this report does not take into account is the increase in Republican members and decline of Democrats, which explains the Senate turnover.

Phony unemployment report from Obamaville

In Obamaville unemployment is 6.7%, while in America it is over 11%.