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Liberalism infringing on our constitutional rights

Liberalism infringing on our constitutional rights. We are told not to be offended when a college football player is drafted and kisses his significant other on camera. Yet, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled the American Flag is a symbol of racial animus. Something is really wrong in 2014 America. The American Flag is a symbol of freedom and liberty not only to the United States but also to the World.

There is nothing wrong with America. Liberals and liberalism have become intolerant and dictatorial trend infringing on our rights and undermining the Constitution. Liberalism dominates our culture through the media, academe and popular culture. Recently, two Federal judges have overturned proposals affirming the definition of marriage in Oregon and here in Michigan. The Michigan proposal didn’t ban gay marriage. It was a constitutional amendment stating marriage is a union between a man and a woman. But a liberal judge can annul the will of 60% of Michigan voters, especially 70% of Detroiters.

Liberal groups in recent months have assembled on college campuses waging rallies with Anti-Semitic rants against Israel.

Liberalism has allowed Obama to play ignorant regarding the scandals with the IRS and VA, Fast and Furious and Benghazi. He claims he never knew about these events until he read about them in newspaper accounts. He should listen to Talk Radio. He’d be up to speed with these occurrences and not look so hapless at press conferences. No worry, liberalism protects him.

The VA scandal which is has broken open in the last few weeks was more than just corruption at the Phoenix facility. Dozens of other VA hospitals were creating secretive lists for reporting purposes. Yet, hundreds of our veterans were denied proper care so some bureaucrat could look good at his performance review. President Obama has said very little about this affair until today. His minions tell us he’s very angry. He can’t be too angry he’s been playing golf and entertaining schoolchildren at the White House in that time.

Michigan Senator Carl Levin was relentless in ordering the IRS to unethically scrutinize conservative organizations for illegal political involvement. Coincidentally, Levin and liberalism are allowing the ACLU, a supposed apolitical, non-profit organization, to represent Democrat Congressman John Conyers resolve his attempt to be on the primary ballot.

Liberalism enabled a corrupt incompetent president into the White House and it is sabotaging our country and the democratic process.

Final Thought: Anybody willing to bet a $100 million that the money from Chase Bank will not improve roads, houses or businesses in Detroit?

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