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Liberal site: Koch brothers, Republicans, Tea Partiers 'traitors who hate' U.S.

Photos of Koch brothers used at progressive protest.
Photos of Koch brothers used at progressive protest.
Joe Klamar/AFP via Getty Images

An article published Wednesday at the liberal PoliticsUSA website claims that Republicans, the Koch brothers, members of the Tea Party and evangelical Christians are "traitors who hate America" because they do not believe the man-made global warming agenda.

"The nation’s enemies are a familiar cult led by the Koch brothers who, with their foot soldiers in the Republican Party, teabagger movement, and evangelical Christians, are working in concert to enable terrorism and threaten America’s national security in the pursuit of power and money," PoliticsUSA said in a post written by someone hiding behind the pen name "Rmuse."

Earlier this week, the Pentagon said in it's recent Quadrennial Defense Review that climate change could “devastate homes, land, and infrastructure” and “may exacerbate water scarcity and lead to sharp increases in food costs.”

Naturally, those who do not buy the man-made global warming mantra, in PoliticsUSA's eyes, are "domestic enemies."

"Rmuse" also blamed the media, claiming that it hasn't done enough to spread environmentalist propaganda.

The article, long on hyperbole but short on substance and fact, also claims that Republicans, the Koch brothers and evangelical Christians "have fought tooth and nail to increase the danger to America," without providing so much as a single shred of evidence.

"However, America is unlike any country on Earth because it is home to a substantial movement actively working to increase the threat to national security because the Kochs, Republicans, teabaggers, and evangelicals are traitors who hate America and ignore the Defense Department’s warnings to hasten America’s demise," Rmuse said.

So what, exactly, would "Rmuse" like to see done?

The article doesn't say, exactly, but one can draw a possible conclusion from the first paragraph, which says that America has an "intelligence community and military that spends a great deal of their time identifying and assessing threats to national security and evaluating terrorism threats at home and abroad."

One could easily conclude from this screed that "Rmuse" and PoliticsUSA would love to see the government move militarily against conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who does not embrace environmentalist dogma.



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