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Liberal Republican Steven Kuykendall enters race for 47th Congressional District

Twenty years ago I sent former Rancho Palos Verdes councilman and mayor Steven Kuykendall a questionnaire on the Second Amendment.

He scored an F-

Kuykendall went on to serve four years in the California State Assembly and one term in the US Congress back in 1998. While in Congress he voted against a bill which would have prohibited homosexual couples from adopting children in the District of Columbia. Kuykendall voted against a bill which would have prohibited late partial birth abortions, a procedure where an otherwise viable fetus is kept partially inside the birth canal while it is killed.

Kuykendall voted Yes on the job killing Kyoto Protocol. Kuykendall voted against withdrawing from the World Trade Organization (WTO). Kuykendall voted against a bill which would have protected Social Security taxes from being spent for other than Social Security. Kuykendall voted for a preferential trade agreement with China.

Today, Kuykendall confirmed that he is running for congress in the new 47th Congressional District.

Also running is a liberal Democrat, State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D - Long Beach) and Long Beach City Councilman Gary DeLong (R).

Which raises the question "Why should a Republican in the district vote for for Kuykendall when there is already a liberal Democrat in the race?"

The new 47th Congressional District is 42.6% Democrat, 32% Republican and 20.5% Decline to State. 34.06% of the district is White, 34.13% is of Hispanic origin, 20.98% is Asian and 7.67% is Black.

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