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Liberal Michael Moore Meets His Match in Melanie Tipton’s Chattanoogaville

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There is something quite invigorating when one is seeking a way back in America from the cynicism and liberal America bashing indoctrination that has been the trademark of Hollywood filmmakers like Michael Moore. Ever since Moore’s 1989 release of “Roger and Me” that attacked General Motors and its attempt to bring its company back to solvency or his many diatribes including the 2009 “Capitalism: A Love Story” the socialist movie maker has been a one man hit squad against America.

Meanwhile Americans have swallowed Moore’s socialist brand of Kool-Aid and made this self proclaimed anarchist of Free Enterprise system one of the very corporate targets of his wrath: a multi millionaire. So much for liberalism and hypocrisy. Moore has spent nearly 25 years savaging America’s values until now. There is a new sheriff in town and she is blond, beautiful and her ammunition is America’s values and free enterprise principles.

From the core of America’s heartland arises a woman of complete determination and skills to take on the anointed Hollywood blowhard. Melanie Tipton is the real deal and is more than just the fabulous multiple award winning sports journalist she is known for. Tipton truly embraces a need to showcase the honest truth of the rich vitality of America’s core free enterprise values and principles with her “Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville Documentary.”

One might wonder why now and why Melanie Tipton. After all, Michael Moore has attempted to poison the well with his Hollywood attacks on America’s economic stronghold for decades. Barack Obama and his liberal Hollywood admirers have attempted to build a wall of indifference in the America of freedom through handouts and welfare subsidies.

But, fortunately filmmaker and award winning sports broadcaster Melanie Tipton visualizes a far different and more traditional America. She views the journey that many Americans and especially women travel as one that can be rewarding, even if it is a hard journey. Melanie knows that to achieve the American dream through business and enterprise you have to experience it and feel it even in these dire economic times.

‘Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville Documentary.” is truly that same dream of achievement against odds that every American who embarks upon a journey of discovery and success experience with every business startup be it Apple or Microsoft in a garage or Edison or Ford in a shed.

Just imagine the journey that Tipton has taken as a personal journey that you may have undertaken yourself in your profession or job or business start up. She does not point fingers at what setbacks have occurred, but is focused on the valuable lessons that each setback teaches.

To view Melanie in action is to understand why she has been so successful with over 15 years of major television broadcast media experience that has netted her enviable Associated Press Awards. With first place award after award in best storytelling, sportscasting, reporting producing, editing and many others, it is easy to see why she is passionate about embracing the story of free enterprise and its challenges and successes.

So who is better to tell the story that every young person and every family and every celebrant of America’s true story of success than Melanie Tipton. She unlike Michael Moore does not see darkness in the private sector, but sees freedom and opportunity in every ounce of sweat that an owner or an enterprising individual pursues.

Tipton has honed her skills and craft so that her company Soar on the Wings of Eagles which develops high quality conservative TV shows could embark on producing "Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville Documentary". Every story that is part of this fascinating alternative to Michael Moore’s work is based on true American Values, Free Enterprise, Capitalism and the winning lessons of sports and U.S. Military strength.

The truth is crucial and support for Melanie Tipton’s endeavor of love for America is only a button away, because she wants to produce and complete a documentary that every American patriot can be proud of.

So join "Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville Documentary" along with the Conservative Campaign Committee, in being a part of the journey toward economic freedom. Obama has worked tirelessly to create a welfare handout nation and Melanie Tipton has struggled against that through persistence and raw determination.

There is something quite noble in each patriot that calls upon their better spirit to rise up and prove all the naysayers against the nation’s free enterprise wrong. Support Melanie as she supports America through her journey.
Prove liberal detractors wrong by doing the right thing and either Click Here or mail a contribution to:

Soar On The Wings Of Eagles LLC
P.O. Box 1302
Collegedale, Tennessee 37315

Terminate Michael Moore’s Hollywood lease and support one of America’s patriot filmmakers.

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