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Liberal lashes out at black conservative radio host with a racial epithet

Twitter racial epithet
Twitter racial epithet
(Wayne Dupree)

Wayne Dupree, host of the Wayne Dupree Show, NewNinja2012, and on-air personality and producer with FTR Radio reported on Monday that he was called a “House N***er on his twitter account by a Twitter user named “Killer Bunny Foo”.

Foo also told Dupree to “F**k Off”.

Dupree said, “I got a tweet on my twitter feed that I had to look at twice and ponder what to do, I really did about this one. Before I could take action, I had many people stepping up and answering for me. I wasn’t asking for support, but I appreciated everyone that spoke up for that type of in-justice from another human being that doesn’t know anything about me.”

Dupree presented the snapshot of the tweet on his NewsNinja2012 website.

“The many of you probably feel some type of anger when looking at a message like this. But then some of you might not feel anything, as for me, I feel nothing. Because I know who I am, I know where I came from and I know where I want to go,” Dupree said.

“People that put out messages like this try to stop our conversation. They try to stop the momentum of what we are doing in winning this country back for constitutional conservatism and we can’t afford that now which is why I decided to do a radio show last night at the last-minute, which I added to this post.”

Dupree spoke about the incident on his radio show.

Dupree said, “But you know, race, here in America right now… I have said this before, the only separation we should have is the lines that separate states… we are all the same people.”

As of this writing, Twitter user "Killer Bunny Foo" account no longer exists and Dupree also stated that one of his followers and friend has a twitter name that closely resembles "Killer Bunny Foo" but is not the same person.

In related news, Bert Atkinson Jr. of Independent Journal Review did a report last week on how liberals view black conservatives where racial epithets are commonly used against black conservatives.

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