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Liberal Joe Klein says best 'straight newscast' is on Fox News

Joe Klein says Special Report with Bret Baier is best straight newscast at 6 PM
Joe Klein says Special Report with Bret Baier is best straight newscast at 6 PM
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Time magazine political analyst Joe Klein made the comment as a guest with Jeff Greenfield on the program 92Y American Conversation. Klein lamented about CNN having “gone to the toilet” and the lack of news on the left-leaning MSNBC and suggested the only legitimate “straight newscast” at 6 PM nightly is Special Report with Brett Baier on the Fox News Channel.

“It's such an embarassment to our profession,” Klein said about the state of CNN, which he says, “has gone in the toilet the way it has.” Klein was talking about the way the network obsessed over covering the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 despite little or not factual information to be reported on the issue. Even Rush Limbaugh has ridiculed CNN's coverage of Flight 370, noting how one guest quite absurdly suggested the plane was sucked into a black hole. For low information voters and readers out there, if a black hole has sucked up Flight 370, it would have taken the planent and maybe the whole solar system along with it. Perhaps the same Flat Earth Society members who think we could survive being absorbed by a black hole think we as humans are able to cause global warming as well.

“I come home,” Klein stated, “and I turn on CNN at 6 o'clock at night because that's something I kinda do in preparation for the 6:30 network news to see what Wolf [Blitzer] is being really hyperbolic about, and he's talking about the plane!

Klein noted the only other option during the 6 PM news hour is, “to go to MSNBC and see the Rev. Al Sharpton, who I still consider to be a major criminal. The guy can have a job on network TV, on the NBC cable network, and he still hasn't apologized for Tawana Brawley. Give me a break!”

With those as choices, Klein said the only legitimate “straight newscast” is to turn to Special Report with Bret Baier on the Fox News Channel. Fox News often gets branded as “right wing news” by the far left because it has does have right-leaning commentary and analysis programs such as The Sean Hannity Show, but therer is nothing right-leaning about the news programs that are produced by, as Shepherd Smith likes to say, “the journalists of Fox News.” The news broadcasts on the channel, such as Special Report with Bret Baier, as closer to “fair and balanced” straight news than any programs seen on CNN or MSNBC.

The three old school “major” networks (ABC, CBS and NBC), in their news departments, don't practice very much journalism or news reporting anymore. They are public relations departments for the Democrat Party and the far left, or as Limbaugh has called them, “Democrats with by-lines.” They are clearly part of what my colleague Joe Newby calls the Democrat Media Complex.

Joe Klein has recently discovered what millions of viewers have known for years, if you want straight news you watch the news programs of Fox News. Perhaps the best of those truly is the Special Report hour, which was formerly hosted by Brit Hume, who retired from full time news broadcasting and was replaced quite well with Bret Baier.

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