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Liberal hero Nader calls Obama 'Uncle Tom'



But not surprising.

Ralph Nader is a long time fraud. According to the author of "Do As I Say":

I have relatives who are Ralph Nader supporters and friends of the liberal left, and it dawned on me, as I heard them talking about these issues passionately, that oftentimes there was a yawning gap between what these people say that they actually believe and how they actually live their own lives.

Ralph Nader talks a lot about co-ops. He loves co-ops. The problem is, Ralph Nader doesn’t invest in co-ops. You see, when Ralph Nader ran for President, and he’s run a couple of times, he released his financial disclosure forms. What these reveal is that Ralph Nader has no investments in community co-ops but he owns stock in a whole host of companies. What’s interesting is, they’re all non-union. These are high-tech companies that do a whole lot of business in the developing third world. This is the friend of the working man. He wants other people to invest in co-ops but he’s going to invest in Fortune 500 companies himself.

But it gets even deeper with Ralph Nader, because he’s been an activist for more than 40 years. What’s very interesting is, when you go back and look at Ralph Nader’s stock investments over the years, through tax shelters that he owns, you find a very, very interesting pattern. For example, in 2002, he supported the fair use of copyright, which was a position supported by Verizon, a company in which he owned $300,000 in stock. In 2000, when he campaigned for the break-up of Microsoft, he quietly held investments in a whole host of high-tech companies that also wanted to see the break-up of Microsoft and understood that it would benefit their business.

In 1976, he campaigned against Firestone but he bought shares in Goodyear. This is all completely documented. In 1973, he bought shares in Allied Chemical, which produced air bags, about a month before he came out publicly in support of air bags. In 1970, he campaigned against the merger involving IT&T and he quietly short-sold those stocks, anticipating of course that, if the merger didn’t go through, he would make a lot of money.

Being well meaning, otherwise intelligent liberals often embrace frauds and con artists as long as they say the right things. Now that he's finally slipped and shown his true colors, maybe Nader's followers will finally face other unpleasant facts about his lifestyle and worldview.

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  • Bkaquebaby 6 years ago

    How does one go from being a great hero to a sour sport who results to using deragatory statements to express how he feels? Is this the real Ralph Nader showing his true self? Sad....

  • suzie 6 years ago

    He was on a local Denver radio station this week encouraging his supporters to vote for Obama. Nice follow-up.

  • Matt 6 years ago

    Cathy, you are another twister of words. Listen to the context of Nader's statement. You focus on a single two-word sound byte, and it's "Oh my! He said "uncle tom!" Whaaa!"

    If you listen to what Nader said, he NEVER called Obama an Uncle Tom.

    Also, Nader has nothing against investments. He supports business. You're twisting his investments into some kind of hypocrisy.

    You people are liars, and smear-artists. Get over yourselves, and take a look in the mirror.

  • Andrea, National Education Examiner 6 years ago

    The worst part is he has no concept of how wrong he is.

  • christian 6 years ago

    i never heard about nader until today, im not from the usa. but guy relax!!!
    and no im not a liberal, god ban it.
    did he once say that obama was uncle tom?
    guys come down.
    and after some of my research i see that tom was a hero who sacrificed himself

  • Jeremiah 6 years ago

    Uncle Tom is not a racial slur. The idea of "black betrayal" was not a white man's idea. The term was derived from Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin but the idea could easily have been termed something else. Malcolm X used the term to describe 20th century Uncle Tom's - Was he being racist? Nader isn't politically correct.. That's why I like him personally. He definitely isn't racist. Let's now forget that Obama worked in Nader's organization before he became a community organizer!

  • Will 6 years ago

    "oftentimes there was a yawning gap between what these people say that they actually believe and how they actually live their own lives." - This observation is equally true of people across the political spectrum. She is just selectively applying it to Nader supporters as another underhanded way of smearing them. Also, the other accusations of hypocrisy that Kathy levels against Nader need to be sourced so that we can evaluate the credibility of the information. However, even if these desperate sounding attempts at smearing him happen to be based on real facts...that does not undermine the messege of Nader's campaign. His analysis and proposals must be evaluated on their own merits ..not on the the basis of flaws in the messenger (that may or may not be true).

  • blackcatsoda 6 years ago

    If only NObama had even one pubic hair of Ralph Nader to make him worthy to SEE the White House, much less, breathe the air in it. Nobama is just a fraud and it makes those stupid enough to vote for him feel like they were not responsible for the future failure of the United States. I will put my money on Ralph Nader. In the meanwhile, I will support Phillip Berg to see if we can't get this Indonesian citizen deported. Hopefully, that horse faced cow he married will take the spawn and join him overseas. Not over till January. Then there is still a chance he will be a real Kennedy

  • blackcatsoda 6 years ago

    NObama was NEVER intelligent eoung to be in ANY of Naders organizations. ACORN is not a Nader deal. That is a black thing. As some say, it is a

  • Capt America 6 years ago

    This is what happens in modern day America when someone dare has the cajones to speak the truth. McCain and Obama's biggest individual supporter was Goldman&Sachs part of the New York Bankster syndicate. Sheepard Smith is a typical "PC" reporter who answers to the higher power of the MSM. I was never a big Nader supporter, but he just went up a couple notches after this interview. Cast my vote for a third party for now on, or at least until the democraps and republicans clean-up their act.

  • Capt America 6 years ago

    NADER 2012

  • mos6502 6 years ago

    If a company treats its employees right in the first place, it doesn't need to have unions fighting for their rights. Take a look at the Japanese for instance...

    Beyond that bit of yellow journalism - graceless as it may have been - at least Nader is one of the only people in politics today with enough of a spine to say what he really thinks, instead of dancing around or spouting a bunch of candy coated nonsense that people want to hear.

  • Capt America 6 years ago

    End of his career! Man are you kidding Nader just secured thousands of votes with this little interview alone.

  • Happy Indep 6 years ago

    This takes the TOP PRIZE for the most under reported story of the entire campaign.

    Imagine if a Republican had said this. He would have been forced to resign living on planet Earth.

  • eee 4 years ago

    It is well known and documented that the money Nader makes with his stocks goes to fund the dozens of non-profits he has created to protect consumers. Also, he might not live in a co-op but he rents an apartment in a modest building in DC. It is a known fact that he lives very modestly.

    As for the Uncle Tom comments, he was right, and he didn't call Obama an Uncle Tom he said Obama had a chance to do things right and not become one once elected. To insinuate Nader is a racist is absolutely ridiculous. Obama's campaign has used the race thing (though subtly) a lot more than anyone else has. Nader is absolutely spot on about Obama.

    I would like to see someone actually try to contradict Nader on his policies and ideas rather than trivial details like this.