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Liberal hatemongers attack black conservative for being black

Wayne Dupree
Wayne Dupree
News Ninja 2012

Wayne Dupree, owner of the popular Wayne Dupree Show, came under fire on Twitter from supporters of Jamilah Lemieux, the senior editor of Ebony Magazine who made it clear she has no use for black conservatives like Dupree. In a statement to Saturday, Dupree said he is "ok," adding that the racist statements from his attackers indicates they are "uninformed and unwilling to know the whole truth about their community situation."

In an article posted to his website Saturday, Dupree said he was simply minding his own business when he was viciously attacked.

"This seemed a little more directed due to the @EbonyMag situation that involved my friend Raffi Williams of the RNC earlier this week," he wrote.

"And despite people like @WayneDupreeShow begging massah for a chance to hold the whip and receive kudos for a whipping well done," Twitter user "Gorgo the Black" said.

"Hi @WayneDupreeShow. How's massah feeling today? Is y'all sick?" Gorgo asked.

Dupree engaged in some back-and-forth with Gorgo, who later admitted being a "democratic socialist."

Gorgo later posted a picture with a racist attack, calling Dupree a "dog."

Others jumped on the bandwagon, engaging in racial attacks against Dupree.

The Twitter exchange was in response to tweets sent by Lemieux, who called Williams a "white dude."

Williams, the son of Fox News contributor Juan Williams, also happens to be the deputy press secretary of the GOP.

After being told that Williams is black, Lemieux walked back her initial message, but continued the attack nevertheless, prompting a RedState diarist to say she can "take her apology and cram it."

Dupree took a stand supporting Williams, which he believed was the right thing to do.

"Honestly," he told Examiner, "I thought I was doing the right thing, standing up for an American who loved this country and was attacked based on his perceived color of skin by a Senior Editor of a legitimate magazine. Who knew it was going to feel like Little Big Horn this morning with so many of the editors friends hitting me at one time."

But the attacks against Dupree and other black conservatives highlight what many call rank hypocrisy from liberals who would never tolerate such tactics against black liberals.

A post at one conservative blog, for example, asks: "Is it open season on black conservatives?"

"Nearly every member of Project 21, the National Center’s black leadership network created to celebrate the diversity of black political opinion, has a story about how their conservative beliefs led to them being ostracized among their black peers (and often at the hands of their black peers)," David W. Almasi wrote.

As we have reported time and again, black conservatives are often targeted by liberals using racist language they would never tolerate from others.

In February 2012, we reported that Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews went ballistic on black GOP congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann, going so far as to engage in profanity and refusing to shake her hand for fear her "whiteness" might rub off on him.

Liberals have also attacked black conservatives like Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas using language they would condemn if it was used by conservatives.

In one insane example, liberals claimed that Newt Gingrich engaged in racial code by referring to Juan Williams by his first name.

In another example, a school principal in Portland declared she can spot racism in a peanut butter and jelly samdwich.

Of course, liberals claim that any criticism of Obama is based in racism.

But liberals apparently feel they have the inalienable right to smear black conservatives with whatever racist epithet they like.

"I am ok because names won't hurt me," Dupree siad, "but listening to their vile innuendos only helps me to deliver one one word to their attemps....pitiful."



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