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Liberal desperation: In search of ways to destroy Glenn Beck

Search and Destroy: the liberal method of defeating opponents
Search and Destroy: the liberal method of defeating opponents
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In yet another example of liberal desperation, liberals are now calling on you to help them destroy Glenn Beck. In yet another example of liberals trying to win the argument, liberals are now calling on you to help them destroy Glenn Beck. In lieu of Glenn Beck's hugely successful Restoring Honor rally held in Washington, D.C. this weekend, and in the shadow of an election, liberals are desperate. They need your help to destroy Glenn Beck.


Title of article: Huffington Post Offers $100,000 for Sex Tapes, Phone Records to Destroy Glenn Beck

They are not calling on you to help them personally refute the claims and arguments made by Glenn Beck and others. That obviously hasn’t worked. Glenn Beck is as popular as ever as evidenced by Glenn Beck's hugely successful Restoring Honor rally held in Washington, D.C. this weekend. You have to give liberals credit, they’re tried.  They've worked their fingers to the bone to try and personally destroy the man. They’ve called him names, they’ve snickered publicly at the mere mention of his name, and they’ve done everything possible to diminish his place on the national scene. It obviously hasn’t worked, so it’s time to unleash the hounds. It’s time for a salacious scandal, and they’re calling on you to give them the red meat that they can gnaw on before the American public.

They’ve tried everything possible to diminish Rush Limbaugh. They’ve tried everything they could think of with Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity. It cannot be denied that some of it’s worked, but if you throw a thousand darts at a dartboard a couple of them are bound to stick. It’s just the law of averages. The question is: why don’t liberals try to defeat these conservative/traditional leaders on substance? Another question is why do the liberals on the street allow this? Why aren’t they embarrassed that their leaders, voices and spiritual guiders engage in such gutter tactics? Why don’t they require that their leaders stick to the issues?

Liberals are attempting to equate this offer with those put out by Andrew Breitbart.  The first $100,000 offer by Breitbart was to clear any and all Tea Party members of spitting on the black congressman who paraded by the Tea Party members to vote on the Health Care bill.  Hard as she tried, Nancy Pelosi was unable to get any Tea Party members to spit or assualt black Congressman when she paraded them past the members.  Or, at the very least, no one was able to produce enough evidence to win Breitbart's offer.  Breitbart's second $100,000 offer was for any of the Journolist listserve messages that are reported to have occurred between journalists on how to report the news.  Are these similar offers, or were Breitbart's offers more specific?  Was Breitbart's offer a similar witchhunt, or is Frielander's offer to broker a deal more nefarious in nature?    

How often does one see a liberal attempt to refute these people on the issues? How often does one see a liberal take one of these stalwarts of the conservative/traditional movement on point for point without leveling a personal attack? They must be running out of personal material, for they’re now calling on you to help them destroy Glenn Beck.

Anyone who has listened to the top tier liberal voices knows that the liberal delivery is based on snide attacks, mean-spirited viciousness, and name calling that knows no bounds. We know that point for point refutation is not part of the game plan. Liberals rarely, if ever, attempt to defeat an idea. Their premise is based on eliminating the competition.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    BECK IS THE BIGGEST A_S...THE MADDENS are GOP moles trying to tear this movement and get people away from th poles! Spreading propaganda like the GOP tried to extend benefits by using stimulus funding, just think of how many projects still had money in the pot, how about tarp funds or unused small business bill funds that just passed! The truth is the GOP want to see the stimulus fail, why else would they only propose the funding come from there when they could have went after so many other funded projects or wars for that matter! The other truth is they (the gov) cant legally end the stimulus to divert the funding when its in motion some are in the start up faze, some ended, some are currently going on! People fall for this propaganda!!!! THINK ABOUT IT OR ASK YOUR SENATOR!!!!!!!

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