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Liar, liar

When it's hard to see the truth through the lies.
When it's hard to see the truth through the lies.
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Although not a frequent occurrence, it is always amazing when stumbling upon a chronic liar.  Most of us, from early childhood, are taught that there is nothing more unappealing than that particular character trait. 

How can one proclaim to be a friend and than lie continually, even about things that in the grand scheme of life do not matter?  Do they lie to cover up embarrassing truths, dirty deeds, or do they just completely make up stories?  In all their years on earth have they not learned that lies beget more lies?

The amazing thing is that they believe the lies and are completely stunned when they are called on them.  They will defend their tales, or tails, to the end!  Sometimes even successfully making the truthful friend feel apologetic for questioning them.

Ladies, you cannot argue or win against a chronic liar.  They simply won't get it.  Unfortunately this type of behavior starts very young and by the time adulthood is reached it is ingrained in the individual.  What the person fails to realize is that because of their continued false statements, not a word that they speak is believed.  They can be saying the most sincere and heartfelt thing, but your interest is plagued with doubt.

So here is the big question....

Do you keep someone like this around as your friend?  If it's a random embellishment of a truth here and there than sure, why not?  You can forgive just a wee bit of story spicing up if the story is still based upon truth. 

If however it is the extreme, and constant, than you do not want this person in your life.  This is the type of person who can very easily cast blame upon you for all types of misdemeanors that she has caused.  You already know she is a liar, what's to stop her from casting a shadow on your character to save her own hide someday?  Besides, guilty by association comes in to play here.  The assumption will be that you are of similar ilk if you remain attached to this person. 

The bottom line is that trust is the first and most integral part of a friendship.  Without it there is no base to build upon.  Truth be told....... you need to kick this one to the curb!

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