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Liam Hemsworth: Puking White Castle's story gets $20,000 for favorite charity

On Sunday, White Castle – a famous fast food burger restaurant in the United States - has offered to give $20,000 to actor Liam Hemsworth’s favorite charity for Hemsworth's sharing of his White Castle burger-eating story on national television earlier this month, according to TMZ on Sunday.

Liam Hemsworth (l) and Jimmy Kimmel (r) on ABC-TV's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Hemsworth was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night television program – Jimmy Kimmel Live - a couple of weeks ago and told Kimmel, Kimmel’s audience and viewers that he thought White Castle was just a made- up restaurant in a movie, as they don’t have White Castle restaurants in his country – Australia. When he learned that it was a real restaurant and he ended up near one in the United States, he and Josh Hutcherson – an American actor - went to the fast food restaurant and ordered briefcases-full of the burgers. Then they went home and ate them – approximately 90 of them. After eating them, then went out to the house’s garden and threw them up together. Hemsworth called it a bonding experience for the two.

White Castle officials were so impressed with the story that they are so impressed that Hemsworth could eat so many White Castle burgers – also known as sliders – at one time, they want to induct him into the White Castle Hall of Fame. And more importantly, they are prepared to donate $20,000 to Hemsworth’s favorite charity.

Hemsworth, 23, is an Australian actor who is best known for starring as Gale Hawthorne in the motion picture “The Hunger Games.” Hutcherson, 20, also was in “The Hunger Games” movie.

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