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Liam Hemsworth calls Miley Cyrus in hospital: 'Wrecking Ball' casualty worried?

Miley Cyrus got a surprising phone call from Liam Hemsworth, the man many considered her soul mate and the man many thought she would marry. Liam and Miley just didn’t work out, but it doesn’t mean that Liam’s feelings for Miley aren’t still there. According to Softpedia on April 22, the “Hunger Games” star had strong feelings for Miley and her recent hospitalization prompted him to reach out to her.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in happier times, before she came in like a "Wrecking Ball."
Photo by Frazer Harrison

While it is not known how Miley reacted to Liam’s call, most understand the pain she went through when the two split. It is assumed that “Wrecking Ball” was a song penned by Miley while in the depths of despair over losing Liam.

What Miley is going through today is described by her reps as a “serious” allergic reaction to antibiotics that she had taken to treat a sinus infection. She remains in the hospital today with the possibility of another few weeks of recuperation reported.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Miley has a few close friends that are concerned about her "health and her personal life" and Liam is one of those friends. He talked with Miley briefly in a phone call, but the content of their conversation is not known, reports the website.

Her friends say what Miley is going through is much more than just an allergic reaction today. They say that Miley is still trying to get over the death of her dog that was attacked by coyotes. Her dog Floyd was everything to Miley and now that he is gone a part of her went with him, convey her friends.

The allergic reaction story has many wondering if this is just a smoke screen. All the pictures of Miley partying and recent comments on her weed consumption getting out of hand has whispers in the online wind of a possible rehab stay.

Wiz Khalifa said at the beginning of the month about Miley’s weed smoking: “She’s just blowin’ like a train,” according to E Online. For Wiz to say that, it seems to indicate Miley was going overboard. It could be that her partying got way out of hand and there are things the public may never know.

Could she be in a rehab? It is awfully coincidental that early on with this hospital stay reports surfaced saying she may need a full three weeks to recover. This would put her time in this facility at about 30-days. The 30-day rehab stay is fairly traditional, although more and more you see the 90-day stay a much more desired treatment duration.

This is all rumored assumptions for now, but not many would be surprised if Miley did divulge that she was in a rehab sometime in the future. Still, Liam reached out because he still cares about Miley and many believe it was Miley's bizarre behavior that drove Liam away.

Could this be the start of a new chapter in Miley's life? Will this turn out like a Country-Western song played backwards where instead of losing the guy she gains him back? Or is this nothing more than a good friend checking on the girl he once was going to marry, but still cares about today?

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