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Liam and Miley: young love, lies, and parental guidance

Miley Cyrus AP denies rumors
 AP Photo ( Miley Cyrus denies the Liam love story)

Rumor has it that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were seen kissing and the gossips are in full gear.

Miley forgive us.  We all love young love.  It is a rembrance of our Sweet 16s and flirting, and sneaking kisses. Ever since we were first made to read Shakespeare in high school, Romeo and Juliet has fascinated us.  We want to cheer on  the fresh embrace of youth in love.

Maybe all the gossip  about Miley and Liam is because we need to believe in love again.  It has been a tough few weeks of unplanned pregnancies, infidelity, and marriages on the rocks.  So the Miley and Liam story may be real or it may be what we wish to see.

So here is the gossip:  "Rumors of Miley Cyrus dating Liam Hemsworth, her on-screen lover in upcoming movie "The Last Song", are heating up as they reportedly have been spotted kissing. New York Daily News broke the report on Friday, August 21, claiming an eyewitness caught the co-stars "indulging in a steamy makeout session" at Nashville International Airport on Wednesday, August 19."

Here is Miley's denial:   Apparently posted on Twitter, she said:  " 'Dumb blogs. I do not have a boyfriend. Stop wasting your time making up lies. I would be so depressed if that was my reason to breathe."

" 'All I want to know is who ARE these 'sources'? Who is the 'insider? I am sure their parents are VERY proud HA. They are professional liars.'"

Here is Billy Rae and Trish's advice:  It seems that Miley's parents are well aware of the dangers of teen-age love.  Despite the dumb moves in Hollywood and reality TV with regard to "baby bumps" -- when it comes to sex, they seem to be able to talk to their daughter. 

Star Magazine reports: " ' I told her in no uncertain terms that her career would be over if something stupid were to happen," Billy Ray admitted to a friend. "I think I made an impression on her — at least, I hope so.'"

Also "Tish had a secret heart-to-heart talk with Lynne Spears during which Lynne said how she dealt with the problems caused by Jamie Lynn.Star

Love and marriage are wonderful.  And it is wonderful that Miley has parents concerned about her well-being and happiness.

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