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LI pair hit with 73-counts for selling fake meds

Counterfeit drugs and devices ranged from those used for birth control to cancer.
Counterfeit drugs and devices ranged from those used for birth control to cancer.
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Federal prosecutors have charged William Scully, 45 and his partner Shahrad Rodi Lameh, 40, with 73-counts of selling “counterfeit and/or misbranded” drugs and medical devices ranging from birth control to cancer through their Great Neck, NY supply company Pharmalogical Inc. dba Medical Device King. The pair has pleaded not guilty and was released yesterday on $500,000 bail (each). If convicted each could face up to 20 years in prison plus a $250,000 fine and be forced to forfeit more than $17 million.

According to Eastern District US Attorney Loretta Lynch, the charges involve “conspiracy, wire fraud, introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, delivering for pay falsely labeled medications, fraudulent importation of goods, and trafficking in counterfeit drugs such as foreign manufactured versions of the IUD Mirena, Remicade, used to treat Crohn’s disease, and anti-cancer meds Aloxi, Avastin, Rituxan and Aredia, etc.” These were imported from several countries including Scotland, Finland, Canada, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and the Cayman Islands, and then sold to medical office on Long Island, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, and Louisiana as per the indictment.

“Instead of seeking an opportunity to alleviate suffering and cure disease, Scully and Lameh saw a change to make money off the backs of those already fighting for their lives, selling counterfeit cancer medications to an unsuspecting clinic,” she stated.