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'LHHATL': Ten Outrageous Reasons to Watch the New Season (VIDEO)

The super trailer for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 was released and is full of more drama than ever before! Take a look at the top ten moments in this season set to air on VH1 May 5 at 8p.m. ET.

Check out the trailer to season 3!
  1. Mimi Faust & Nikko: With the infamous sex tape flooding the web and the topic trending on twitter for two days, by now most know of the scandalous scenes shot between the engaged couple. Apparently. Mimi and Nikko recorded their intimacies and it "somehow" leaked once getting into the wrong hands. A shaken Mimi did not stay shaken for too long as she sat down with Nikko and a lawyer and decided to strike a deal that is rumored to be worth the headache. With a young daughter with the "hitman" Stevie J, there is no doubt she will have her hands full as Stevie J is seen threatening to take custody of their daughter. Most recently, Mimi took to IG to post a subtle response to her "haters" and fans alike.
  2. Lil Scrappy and his everlasting love triangles: While his ex-fiance has moved on to a model by the name of O'Shea, Scrappy has moved on to Bambi from a little show called "Basketball Wives".The sassy reality star makes it clear to Scrappy that they are exclusive and no one else will be involved in their relationship. She obviously does not watch the show. Momma Dee decides to help her son in his dating life again and also introduces the idea of Erica being a third wheel. Audiences also get introduced to another woman reminiscent of Shay Johnson who does not appear to be in Season 3 or at least not a major part of the season any way. Audiences also see someone grabbing a pregnancy test and Scrappy proclaiming we eloquently that yeah, they are keeping the baby.
  3. Erica and O'shea: For those viewers who do not keep up with the gossip websites, Erica did begin dating a model named O'Shea but that did not last long. Now she is just seen frolicking with her pals about sex tapes and other drama on the show but there is not much revealed about her this season. A recent instagram photo does show Erica and Scrappy sleeping while in the same hotel room with their daughter and also supporting her business endeavors.
  4. Kirk & the nanny: Yes, the nanny. Rasheeda and Kirk welcomed baby Karter and enough drama to last two seasons once Kirk's shameless infidelities were brought to the light. In the video, viewers watch Rasheeda address the oddly attractive nanny as she is being told that Kirk is just her "co-parent".
  5. Karlie Redd & Yung Joc: Karlie Redd is obviously not a fan favorite and teaming up with Yung Joc is not going to get her there. Yet, there they are "together" in several scenes of ingenuity. Shortly after professing their love, Redd addressed Joc's infidelities as he laughs it off. She is then seen in a physical confrontation with a woman who is honored to be his go-to-girl "every night".
  6. Benzino, Karlie Redd & Althea: Footage of a fight at the grand opening of Benzino and Stevie J's bar, Sleazy and Zino. The brawl occurred when Althea and Karlie exchange words and a drink is thrown.
  7. Benzino shot: Recently in the headlines, Benzino is shown in the hospital after being shot by his own nephew after the death of Benzino's mother. His nephew was arrested and later claimed self-defense but one wonders what would make that angry or scared to the point where they would shoot you while on the way to pay respects to your late mother.
  8. Waka Flocka Flame & fiancee Tammy Rivera: A short scene is shown where teary-eyed Tammy proclaims that Yung Joc has changed. Joseline speaks to her letting her know men basically do not change and a 'man gon' be a man. I don't judge no man.' No wonder Stevie J is happily married, it is almost as if he is not married at all.
  9. Mimi Faust & Stevie J: These two are tiring and the bitterness in real in the trailer as Stevie J. is shown threatening Nikko as he suspects he was the culprit behind the leaked sex tape.
  10. Joseline & Tammy Rivera: Joseline is great at making friends. Unfortunately her only friend, K. Michelle, is no longer on the show so how will she keep herself busy? Having arguments with the new girl of course! Little Tammy may not be strong enough to renew a season after she sees all the drama from the old cast. Who would?

The season starts on Monday, May 5 at 8 p.m. E.T., do not miss it!

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