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LHHA: Stevie J in the dog house, Kalenna’s side piece issues & Benzino proposes

Benzino pops the question
Benzino pops the question

Kalenna is living the life most men wish they could live. She has a spouse and a side piece. Her husband Tony was okay with the arrangement until it became quite obvious that he wasn’t going to be the third member of a potential threesome. All of a sudden now that he’s been taken out of the equation he has an issue with the excessive amount of time Kalenna has been spending with Ashley.

Even Kalenna had to admit that she was super turnt up all week hanging out with Ashley in the clubs. While sitting in the strip club Kalenna knew she had to eliminate the distractions that were keeping her from working on her music thing. Ashley wasn’t having it and wanted Kalenna to dedicate more time to her. “People make time for what they want to make time for.” Ashley says to Kalenna. Kalenna breaks it off with Ashley causing her to become extremely emotional when Kalenna admits she loves her husband more than she loves Ashley. Kalenna says they can be friends but they can’t have any more rendezvous.

Joseline was still fuming from the news that Stevie J hooked up with Althea. Of course he denied it. Joseline goes in hard saying he would screw a dog with no fur. She even tells Stevie J that Althea hooked up with him for the same reason she did, which was to ultimately boost her career. His expression indicated he was shocked to hear that truth from his bride.

“He got filet mignon at home and he wanna go deal with Hamburger Helper.” Joseline says referring to all the mediocre women Stevie allegedly had sex with. Joseline threatens to leave him for good. “You ain’t going nowhere. We’re forever.” Stevie said. She tells him to continue sleeping in the doghouse and get his act together once and for all.

Joseline confides in Karlie that she is fed up with Stevie J and needs a break from him and has thoughts of getting her own place. Joseline and Stevie’s marriage seems to be going through its problems but it doesn’t deter Benzino from wanting to take the plunge. He takes Althea on a romantic Ferris wheel ride and proposes in mid air with champagne and flowers in tow. Althea was on the verge of tears knowing her blemished reputation would be cleansed with an engagement ring.

Lastly, Waka Flaka and Tammy decide to forego a wedding ceremony and get married at the courthouse. Waka Flaka’s mom and Tammy’s mom were devastated they weren’t a part of the union but ultimately they were glad to see their children together and happy.